Hello love.

I support beautiful people like you to feel safe both in your relationships with others and in just being with your own heart. At the core of what I do is transmuting shame and fear - coming home to true acceptance of who you are, just as you are. You are incredible and lovable and magical and I'm here to help you create your life from that knowing.

My Story

One of my biggest teachers in this lifetime has been 'illness' (I put in brackets because everything is just energy). I was diagnosed with ME after becoming unwell in my early twenties and after several years of using many healing modalities I was able to start working again as a relationship coach. Relationships were so precious to me during my time of unwellness and I really got to dive deep into healing my attachment style and witnessing the collective trauma around the ways we relate to one another. Then earlier this year I was struck again - this time in and out of hospital without any answers, so sick I was saying goodbye to my loved ones. I lay on what I thought was my death bed and got to see how much spiritual growth I had accomplished. I truly had no regrets about the way I had treated other people… But I wanted to live!


Fast forward a few months and I found out I have Lyme and some other co-infections. I have begun the journey of taking my life back with treatment for my physical body as well as unpeeling the layers of emotional dis-ease that allowed my body to become a match to my symptoms in the first place. 


The blessings of these experiences is I am now:

  • A Boundary Queen - honouring where I spent my energy became so essential to healing I can catch even the tiniest ways I wasn't before. I can really feel into the energy of when my body gives me heck yes and heaven no! (And teach you how to do the same).

  • Able to embody secure attachment (as a former fearful avoidant) despite experiencing so much soo much adversity - I know that it's possible even if life has dealt you a crazy hand!

  • Attuned to the frequency of unconditional love - (people tell me I radiate this). We can all access this space inside of us where your healing power and the answers to your challenges resides.

  • Compassionately aware that healing is something we have to take at a pace our nervous system can handle... I'm into feminine flow rather than hustle and force. That's so old paradigm, bye! I approach life from a place of softness, grace and acceptance, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the simplicity of working with wherever we are at right now, and letting that be enough. 

  • Your second pair of eyes! Others often say I 'see' them in a way barely anyone ever has before in their life and they feel safe and cared for in my presence (I love this one! I want the whole world to feel so loved).


My intention is to hold you with love as you heal your heart on such a deep profound level.