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Hello Earth Angel. What an incredible time to be alive. 

We are in a powerful time in human evolution.​ The old paradigms are falling. ​Humanity is shifting rapidly.​ And if you're here, it's likely because you heard the call.​


It's time for us to bring love into our connections with others and back to ourselves. 

The old ways aren't working any more. Generations of trauma, limiting beliefs, family wounds passing down the from parent to child, people pleasing, shame, blame and judgement, suppressing our emotions, placing our worth in our achievements, conditional love, control, emotionally unavailable parenting/ partnerships/ connections and any other aspects of blindly following the status quo and suppressing our authentic essence have had their time. In the new world, they've got to go.  

We are collectively saying 'no more' to traumatised children becoming traumatised adults who teach the same patterns to the next generation.

How about a world which embraces every human being as a unique, perfect expression of consciousness? A world that understands that we have all been conditioned to forget our own beauty and supports us in remembering that we were all born innocent... And that anything we do that has caused suffering for ourselves or others, is a symptom of a human wide pandemic called ego, which has only one medicine: genuine unconditional love. 

But what does unconditional love on planet Earth actually look like? 


Many have been afraid to claim these two words because some have equated them with self abandonment.

It's not about naivety or codependency, or letting people cause us harm without consequence.

Unconditional love can be fierce.  It can be a firm no, creating distance or even walking away.


I love you so much that I will not let you do that to me. 

I love you so much that I see that if I allow you to do that to me you would be avoiding self responsibility (avoiding seeing your own true power) and distracting yourself from your own healing.


I love you so much that I will tell you the truth even if it's not what you want to hear, because you deserve to have all the information to base your decision upon. 


I love you so much that I will give you the opportunity to face the natural consequences of your actions to give you an opportunity to truly learn... even if that means you project your anger at me or lose me from your life.

These can be powerful expressions of love too. As well as the (often misjudged as weakness by those who have not healed their avoidance trauma) softness of forgiveness, pausing our criticisms and choosing empathy during conflict, surrendering the need to be 'right', giving without expectation, accepting others as they are and in their 'imperfections'...  

As we lean into this journey we learn to discern between when we are expressing codependency or avoidance (both expressions of fear) vs. being in our centre (acting from love).

Are you ready to call in your most loving, peaceful, authentic self and see how the world responds to you when you truly step into your own power?  If so, proceed.