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About Bobby-Jo

I teach others how to live from a deeper state of consciousness, and help them to resolve difficulties in all life areas through presence. 

There are billions of potential paths towards enlightenment and healing - I can intuitively read your energy body and tell you which changes to your life and shifts in perspective can bring your body, mind and soul into greater balance, and what is standing in the way of resolving any challenges you may be experiencing.

All my sessions are accompanied by energy healing - because the conscious mind can only take in so much, but your subconscious mind and energy body can make shifts much faster and more powerfully. Through receiving intuitive information, I discovered the energy body itself is the true 'centre' of all healing (physical, emotional and spiritual). When balance is restored to the energy body and it vibrates at a high frequency, permanent healing and deeper awakening can happen. 

I can support you in resolving challenges in relationships, work, life purpose, emotional wellbeing, physical health and more - when you can work with energy, it's all 'the same'!

The ability to read energy arose during a period of serious illness. Not knowing if I would survive, moving towards recovery required my complete concentration, presence and deepening the connection to my body to a level that I didn't know then was possible. 

As a result, I spontaneously awakened an energy healing gift that helped me physically recover and also led to the illusion of the personal self dissolving.

As I was sending energy healing to my body to aid my physical recovery, I experienced deeper and deeper states of feeling connected to a vast inner power. An inner stillness arose within me and what can only be described as pure presence arose. True understanding of this state is beyond all words, nevertheless to 'point the way', I will briefly summarise:

Even though everything is physically the same, it is as if someone has turned the experience to HD. Every sound is heard with crystal clarity. If you look around the room, even details that people tend to not notice, like shadows running along the wall or the texture of the wallpaper are immensely beautiful. There is a sense of total completion that could be described as an inner sense that 'everything in this moment is perfection'. But words are unnecessary because there is no need to describe what is happening to anyone, since there is no inner 'I' who needs to connect to something bigger than itself to feel safe or fulfilled. 

Whatever 'I' was, is gone and whatever is here, the consciousness inside this body, experiences itself as at one with everything. There is a complete inner knowing that although the body itself can die, the essence of what I am as a soul, cannot.

The skill of being able to read what my body needed to physically recover (using intuition and aided by muscle testing) also expanded to the miraculous experience of being able to intuitively know about events in the past, predict future events and know what others were thinking. These sacred siddhis which have been documented throughout history have been largely forgotten or dismissed in the West, but are a natural part of the human ability once enough consciousness has awakened within the person.

I began asking: how can I best use these abilities to help other people to heal and awaken most effectively? These gifts that healed me on all levels, I now share in my practice.

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