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About Bobby-Jo

I became really physically unwell in summer 2021 and thought I was going to die - it changed my life so profoundly that I had no choice to surrender to the will of the divine, to heal myself and assist others in their own healing journeys in whatever ways I am instructed. I also believe in living in the energy of "I am already healed/whole" - to experience the simple joy of truly living life and setting my divine child free through play 🌈🥰🦋 


My core values in my own life are living through truth and discernment and a genuine devotion to live in alignment to the divine whilst also allowing myself to be human.

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My Soul Work

Using muscle testing, my intuitive abilities and energy healing I can help you find your blind spots and create the most aligned with the divine path forward in your life. The amazing thing is that I can connect the dots in your life in a way that could mean seeing a way forward at work, identifying what to do in a relationship, find the root cause of a health challenge and raise your vibration all within a single session! This is because everything is energy! I work with energy because energy comes first. In the eyes of the divine the solution for each of these life 'areas' is simple. 


There is a crazy sort of divine humour in describing the work I do because it has nothing to do with the form of what I'm doing and everything to do with the essence. My work is sometimes a mystery even to myself because I flow with the divine and whatever is asked of me, I do!

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