By sharing the blueprint of radical acceptance that has transformed her own life, Bobby-Jo can support you in knowing how to redesign any aspect of your life, seeing the limitless possibilities and opportunities available to you. 

The area that she is often sought out for her expertise in is her understanding of human dynamics - in healing, releasing and creating relationships, whether that be romantic, familial or platonic. She often works with those who have had what she terms 'a relationship awakening' - who have realised in whatever form that the way they have been showing up with others in the world (perhaps a partner, family member, friend or towards all living beings in general, or even the way you have been showing up for yourself) isn't working and that the power rests within you to create a change. 

One thing that she hears regularly is that she has been the only person who has been able to see to the heart of their blockages and to identify practical, actionable solutions and/or guidance to find their own answers through restoring their connection to their own inner knowing.  

Due to her years of gaining personal clarity this is something she is able to do very quickly - pinpointing patterns that may have been lifelong for instant transmutation.  

Whilst Bobby-Jo may work with you on a specific 'curriculum', the transformation that emerges is one of your whole being - others frequently find that by working with Bobby-Jo and regrounding the connection back to themselves, another area of their life altogether is revolutionised.  

"When it comes to helping people, what I've found to be even more powerful than specific tools is to focus on our state of Being. Whatever I am exploring with you, my intention will always be to hold the anchor of the frequencies of love, joy and peace in our shared experience. By holding these states, I am able to receive information that wouldn't be accessible to me using only the conscious mind - often my sessions are full of synchronicities! Most importantly we create a space where you are heard, seen and held, where you are able to fully feel the emotions and accepted where you are (which actually supports you in shifting naturally!)  During a session, the focus will always be in connecting you back to your innate wisdom and understanding that you are a being of love that has always been acting from the best of your awareness in any given moment. My number one job is to be in my soul and see you in yours!"



"Bobby-Jo has helped me massively when it came to opening up my heart and trusting the feminine energy. My biggest take from her was to lean into uncomfortable conversations and communicate consciously and openly! Thank you Bobby Jo!"

"I would like to express my gratitude to Bobby-Jo for coaching me and for helping me get through some difficult times in my life. She has been not only a coach, but also a friend to me. With her kind approach and her gentle reminders, she helped me see the positive in life and to solve my problems and my worries about social life. I am forever grateful to come across Bobby and her teachings helped me tremendously in many aspects of my life so far. Thank you!"

"Engaging one on one with Bobby-Jo is an experience that has truly nourished my growth and healing, both spiritually and emotionally. She is a powerful coach,with an authentically nurturing energy which allows for a deeper connection. She’s been able to hold space for me in such a gentle and supportive way, whilst also encouraging and challenging me to open my perspectives and see things in a different way. My connection with her has invited healing and a much deeper understanding of myself into my life, and I am truly grateful to her!!!"

"If you're looking for someone who is a genuine professional, an incredibly understanding, kind human, and a authentically empathic coach who will help you find yourself and reach all your goals, then look no further, Bobby Jo is your person! My warmest recommendation for all that she does!"

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