About Bobby-Jo

Hello darlings! I support awakening souls and healers to connect back to the power of their authentic essence, heal their relationships with others and themselves and experience more joy and inner peace. Here is a little of my backstory - the aspects of the human experience my inner child has received to grow through and transmute. You can read more about my journey into offering guidance by clicking on 'The Mission' ❀

It feels funny in a way to tell 'my story' because my inner work nowadays is more about transcending stories - releasing the past, knowing myself as an eternal soul and moving beyond identifying with 'where I've been' and 'what has happened to (for) me'.

Yet I know my experiences are a gift that was given to me and that through sharing them there is medicine, shared humanness and empathy exchanged - and sometimes I get messages asking specifically about my past! I hope that reading a little about my early experiences will help you to feel less alone, and more loved and understood ♡

Often our challenging pasts are the training grounds for our gifts, and this rings very true of my own journey. 

I grew up in an unusual home situation. My parents owned a farm that was open to the public. In some ways it was idyllic and beautiful - I was blessed to experience so much nature and many animal friends and there were some wonderful and unusual experiences too like meeting new people every day, hosting events at the farm and being on the TV and radio. But there was a shadow aspect to my childhood also: We were involved in legal cases with local authorities, had financial struggles and my dad's mental health meant that I was often emotionally his caretaker, talking him down from suicide many times (to which he eventually lost his life).

Due to my home situation life asked me to grow up very quickly - and this reflected in the way I related to my peers. As a younger child I often felt very lonely, struggled to make friends and was bullied. Then came teenage me - fiery, cold, a tough shell around my heart to ensure that I wasn't an easy target and that I didn't stand out more than my academic abilities already singled me out as 'different'.

One of the greatest blessings about my experiences is that I really moved all over the attachment spectrum - from the icy prickly cactus lady aspect of me that kept to herself and didn't let anyone cross her to the highly sensitive, deeply empathetic aspect that bent herself backwards for approval when she finally started to feel accepted, cried at the world's pain and wanted to 'save' everyone.

Sending love to and integrating these aspects of myself that represent opposite ends of the attachment spectrum has supported me enormously in developing empathy for both avoidant and anxious attachment which are polarised expressions of being disconnected from the centre of our own power. 

Naturally, naming every formative experience would be beyond the scope of this page  - but I also have experience in working through severe depression, anxiety, chronic illness and releasing an eating disorder among other journeys. 

My past was enveloped with a calling to do deep shadow work and to transmute a lot of heaviness into light! Nowadays, my focus is channeled more towards  embodying the kind of energy I would like to see in the world  - moving into presence and deepening my understanding of how I can create a highly conscious connection to myself, others and the wider world around us.

I feel that one of the reasons I have been put on Earth is to show that healing doesn't have to be 'hard' - that medicine and breakthroughs can also be found in play, inspiration and lightness... and that when we have the experience of difficulty, we are being reminded to deeply surrender to the moment and rediscover living in flow and trust (a lifelong and deep lesson for all of us!)

A lovely compliment that I received from one of my fellow coaching friends is that 'I make shadow work look easy' - and that's because when you live from the soul, things are simple! That's not to say that our soul lessons are always delivered without pain, that we don't feel challenged, or that growth doesn't sometimes call us beyond the edges of our comfort zone... But when we see things as 'complex' we are seeing through the lens of the egoic mind. There is always a tool, approach or perspective shift that can invite us back into finding a simple 'solution' for this moment, whether that be an external action or a change in outlook that invites deep acceptance.

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