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Energy Healing attunement class - awaken your energy healing gift!

Have you ever wanted to awaken your energy healing abilities? In this fortnightly class you can! My own energy healing abilities awoke as a divine gift I was given without formal training - I received the intuitive instructions of how to strengthen my own healing and I can uncover what specifically has been blocking you from awakening your own energy healing gift to its maximum capacity.

The class is a mixture of group instruction, pair work and me talking with you one-to-one where I uncover any spiritual blockages you may have to awakening your gift and personally attune you.

This class is open to complete beginners and to existing energy healers who would like to increase their energy healing ability - in many atunement courses you may receive an attunement at Level of Consciousness 300 or 400 - my energy healing calibrates at Level of Consciousness 1000 so if you already offer this gift to others professionally it can take your energy healing business to the next level! 

Some energy healing courses include complex instructions, hand positions etc - I don't do that! My energy healing technique is simple to learn. All of these complex instructions are not necessary and the only reason they are ever useful is when people don't trust their own inner power - your energy healing can intuitively sense where in the body to send healing to without the conscious mind doing it in a specific order or even knowing where in the body it's being sent to! (although I also reach you how to feel intuitively where and how your energy healing is working in the body). My approach involves attuning you to my high frequency energy healing and also sending you an energy healing to remove your personal spiritual blocks that have prevented you from holding powerful healing energy before, along with personal tips for how to best integrate holding this energy within your body permanently. (For some people this might involve a couple of lifestyle changes, working on a limiting belief about your inner power or ____)



I am helping you reach a step-up in 2the natural process where all extremely conscious beings have access to their own energy healing ability - just like Jesus, Neem Karoli Baba (Ram Dass's guru), Anandamayi Ma and many other saints and enlightened teachers had.

A ticket for the evening is £42.

Because holding this powerful gift for life requires a level of spiritual readiness, I have to ensure each person who attends the class is ready to do so. If would like to join please email with a little information about yourself (no energy healing experience necessary).

Class Schedule 2024:

E.g. Tues __ of ____

Tues __ of ____

Tues __ of ____

Tues __ of ____

Overseas guests are welcome - the circle runs in Brighton, England. There are transport links from Gatwick airport (trains from Gatwick train station to Brighton station are around 30-45 minutes). For more travel information from Brighton's tourism website click here. Travel and overnight arrangements will be your own responsibility.

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