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Emotion Code® Session

The Emotion Code® is an energy healing modality that releases trapped emotions from the body, which can improve wellbeing on all levels.


In an ideal world, we are able to feel and process our emotions as they arise. If this process is interrupted (because you feel unsafe to feel your feelings in that moment) emotions can become stored in the body long-term. These emotions are stored as spheres of energy roughly the size of a fist and can get trapped in any part of the body, potentially causing discomfort (either emotional or physical). 


Oftentimes trapped emotions can be stored for many years, even since childhood. You can also inherit trapped emotions from your biological parents or absorb them from others!


You may have a higher amount of trapped emotions if: 

  • You have a tendency towards feeling overwhelm 

  • You are experiencing a stressful life situation 

  • You hold tension in any area of the body

  • You are or have been experiencing illness or fatigue 


Animals also create trapped emotions - if you have a pet you would like me to work on (perhaps one that has been experiencing signs of stress or behaviour problems), we can go through the exact same process for your beloved animal.


As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, CECP, I can identify the trapped emotions that are ready to be released (usually 5-10 per session) using muscle testing, and any additional information we need to know about each trapped emotion. (Sometimes the age, people who were involved in the event or where the emotion has become trapped in the body for example). The really cool thing about The Emotion Code is that people who are curious tend to get quite a bit of additional information to learn from about the event where the emotion was trapped. Often there will be a big 'oh wow, that makes sense!'.


I also send additional energy healing during the session to support the integration of the release (not part of The Emotion Code modality). This supports people to experience even more powerful healing and to improve emotional health going forward. 


After a session you may feel…

  • A sense of lightness 

  •  More joyful emotions long term - a new, brighter 'set point' 

  •  Improvement of wellbeing physically 

  •  More able to access feelings of calm in stressful situations 


During a session we can also work on removing layers of your Heart Wall. (These are trapped emotions which form a layer around the heart to protect it from emotional pain). Removing your Heart Wall can help you to connect more deeply with others and free you from emotional pain connected to matters of the heart. 

To find out more about The Emotion Code® click here to visit the official website.


I never use magnets in my practice so my sessions are safe for people and animals who cannot be near magnets for any medical reason. 

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