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1-1 Mentorship Session

Have you felt like navigating your healing is confusing, overwhelming or full of trial and error? 


A 1-1 mentorship session can help with all life areas and challenges including:


• Work and money situations

• Finding your purpose  

• Relationship difficulties

• Physical health challenges

• Emotional wellbeing

and more… 

A 1-1 mentorship session consists of general spiritual guidance, receiving intuitive information, muscle testing* and energy healing.

*For an explanation of what muscle testing is click here.


When we have discovered what is working in your life and what isn't, we have a conversation about any questions you might have and go into detail about how you can apply presence to your unique situations and which practical solutions align with a high level of consciousness. 


Because the session is so individual to your life circumstances and spiritual path, a large range of topics could arise during the conversation, for example:


  • Understanding the true meaning of spiritual concepts like 'unconditional love', 'trust' or 'non-attachment' 

  • Making sense of why something in your past happened 

  • Answering questions on the nature of reality 

  • Spotting opportunities that are already around you or coming into your reality 

  • Which spiritual methods, books or other resources will resonate with where you are at in your journey 


As well as talking about how to bring your life into deeper alignment, the energy healing during the session can facilitate even more powerful healing on all levels. Energy healing is a form of communication between the sender and the recipient. It contains spiritual 'codes' that can awaken aspects of higher awareness within you without you having to understand them consciously. It can also help you to access a state of deep peace so that you can understand spiritual truth not just on a conceptual level but from your inner Being.

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