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Energy Healing Session

My energy healing ability arose spontaneously as a divine gift that assisted my healing from serious illness. 


The healing energy calibrates at a vibration of 1000Hz/ 1000 on the Scale of Consciousness, which is the highest the human body can hold (frequency of enlightenment).  Because the human body is templated to thrive at higher frequencies, this means one healing could resolve a long term challenge permanently.


You are unlikely to need to come to me for multiple healings on the same issue!


In an energy healing session you will likely receive energy healing for around 10-15 minutes. At the beginning of the session we discuss your intentions and also I intuitively receive any additional useful information to support integrating the healing. 


Receiving an energy healing can be especially helpful for advanced spiritual seekers, those who are highly sensitive and anyone who has experienced trouble finding helpful modalities for letting go of intense trauma. 

An energy healing can also help an animal experiencing emotional stress, behavioural issues or who is unwell. 

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