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Scale of Consciousness Consult

Unsure of whether you're making progress on your spiritual path or what to do next?


Your embodied Level of Consciousness on the Scale of Consciousness (invented by Dr. David Hawkins) shows you where you are on your spiritual journey - and identifies what challenges you are likely to encounter next on your path and what major spiritual lessons you will be learning. 


Using muscle testing, I let you know your current embodied Level of Consciousness on the Scale of Consciousness (1-1000). 


(For an explanation of the Scale of Consciousness and the different levels, click here). 


Knowing where you are on the Scale, along with any intuitive information I receive about your personal path, we can talk in depth about what that means for what is likely to come next on your spiritual journey and now to make sense of what you're experiencing right now.


I also let you know your vibrational frequency. Most people used to have the same embodied Level of Consciousness and frequency e.g. a person who embodied 500 on the Scale of Consciousness would have an energy body vibrating at 500Hz. However this is no longer the case as divine forces are supporting the planet to undergo worldwide ascension. You may have been divinely raised in frequency to support your awakening. This is valuable to know because your energy body will 'pull' you towards higher states of consciousness, and your life is likely to be undergoing or about to undergo large paradigm shifts over the next months or years. Knowing you were divinely lifted to a higher frequency may also explain many 'weird' inner sensations and experiences you couldn't make sense of! 


In a session we can find out:

• Your current Level of Consciousness 

• The Level of Consciousness you most commonly sit at 

• Your vibrational frequency

• Your Level of Consciousness at your conception and birth 


We can also find out your general range of consciousness within the last 6 months and identify any times your Level of Consciousness was particularly high or any times it was lower than usual - when we can find out what you were doing at the time, it gives you useful guidance so you can do more of what supported your wellbeing or we can figure out a plan of how to approach things differently.


If you would like, we can also review your Level of Consciousness over the last few years or at a specific time, or see which life areas are your strengths and which could benefit from more support (e.g. you could have a higher level of awareness in your relationships but have more difficulty with staying present at work).


I also send healing energy to raise your vibrational frequency to the ideal level for you personally. 

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