Heal Your Heart -
Heal Your World

The truth is none of us received the love we deserved growing up.

But now you get to realise it was never because you weren't good enough! 
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Hello darling! I support beautiful people like you to feel safe both in your relationships with others and in just being with your own heart. At the core of what I do is transmuting shame and fear - coming home to true acceptance of who you are, just as you are. You are incredible and lovable and magical and I want to help you see that and create a life you love from that knowing. 


One of my biggest teachers in this lifetime has been 'illness' (I put in brackets because everything is just energy). I was diagnosed with ME after becoming unwell in my early twenties and after several years of using many healing modalities I was able to start working again as a relationship coach. Relationships were so precious to me during my time of unwellness and I really got to dive deep into healing my attachment style and witnessing the collective trauma around the ways we relate to one another. Then earlier this year I was struck again - this time in and out of hospital without any answers, so sick I was saying goodbye to my loved ones. I lay on what I thought was my death bed and got to see how much spiritual growth I had accomplished. I truly had no regrets about the way I had treated other people… But I wanted to live!


Fast forward a few months and I found out I have Lyme and some other co-infections. I have begun the journey of taking my life back with treatment for my physical body as well as unpeeling the layers of emotional dis-ease that allowed my body to become a match to my symptoms in the first place. 


Someone said to me before I knew my root causes that they think I am being called to be a Master Healer - my journey is ever unfolding and who knows what the next chapter will be but after this experience I am: 

  • A boundary Queen - honouring where I spend my energy became so essential to healing I can catch even the tiniest ways I wasn't before

  • Able to embody secure attachment despite experiencing so much abandonment due to my health conditions and learning to feel safe in my body again 

  • Attuned to the frequencies of unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding

  • Compassionately aware that healing is something we have to take at a pace our nervous system can handle

  • Someone who has been through and witnessed so much that people say all the time that I 'see' them in a way barely anyone ever has before in their life and that they feel safe and cared for in my presence (I love this one! I want the whole world to feel so loved).


My experiences have led me to come home even more deeply to myself and to approach life from a place of softness, grace and acceptance, embracing the beauty of imperfection and the simplicity of working with wherever we are at right now, and letting that be enough. 


My intention is to hold you with love as you heal your heart on such a deep profound level



“"I would like to express my gratitude to Bobby-Jo for helping me get through some difficult times in my life. She has been not only a coach, but also a friend to me. With her kind approach and her gentle reminders, she helped me see the positive in life and to solve my problems and my worries about social life. I am forever grateful to come across Bobby and her teachings helped me tremendously in many aspects of my life so far. Thank you!".”