Love leaders, it's time to step up.

The moment to activate is now.

To bring the fullness of your unique gifts.

In these unprecedented times, the world is calling for your offerings more than ever!

I am here to support you in the next level of your service to Earth's ascension, whatever that looks like, whether you are just stepping into your shoes as a 'healer' or you have been guiding and inspiring others in some form for quite a while and you want to clear your channel to deepen your service even more. 

One of the big blockages I have seen among those who identify as a healer in some way is the inner limitations that come from seeing ourselves in this role. 

If we are identified with being a 'healer' we might absorb limiting beliefs like:

⭒Our 'job' is to fix or save others 

⭒We can 'fail'

⭒Our worth is based on what we do for others 

⭒There is a certain way that a healer 'does things'

⭒We have to be perfect 

⭒We have to have it all figured out 

If you resonate with the above statements, these beliefs are draining your connection to your divine power! 

The ultimate healer is so connected to themselves that 'they' as an ego almost completely disappear. (Whilst calling upon the ego as a helpful servant to care for your physical and emotional needs to function in the world of course).  

Love leadership asks us to engage in a deep process of unraveling - seeing the subtle ways we have absorbed 'matrix programming', getting little ego 'you' out of big 'your' (soul's) way so that you can fully merge into surrender with the present and 'be' service rather than play the role of server. 


One of my favourite things about joining the spiritual/self development world has been connecting with other healers. As I've connected to so many amazing souls, I naturally found myself offering guidance to people who are themselves guides! When you are at the leading edge of advancing consciousness, you perhaps may not have someone in your field who is able to truly see you in your full potential and  support you in paving your next steps in heart centred leadership. If you are a soul lead visionary who wants to create something amazing (or are already creating something amazing and you want to create something even more amazing!) that elevates collective consciousness, and you want someone to help you let go of anything that isn't in alignment with that vision, I'm your lady!

I may be the space for you if:

✵ You are seeking clarity on what your next steps are in your mission and/or releasing fears around fully stepping into your purpose 

☽ You desire to release anything that stands between being fully present with clients and to call upon deeper levels of love and insight within your interactions 

✵ You are regularly holding space for clients but don't feel you have someone to fully see and hold space for you

☽ You have struggled to find support systems such as the right therapist or coach that can get on your wavelength and see you without judgement or projecting onto your their own limitations

✵ You want to expand your heart to be able to see others with profound empathy and experience 'elevated' states such as bliss, gratitude, surrender and flow more often

☽ You would like someone to help you catch your blindspots and limiting beliefs you may have been missing

✵ You would like to integrate your masculine and feminine energies to call upon both approaches to optimally support clients (and yourself)

☽ Your style of healing/guiding resonates more with the intuitive feminine flow than the old paradigm masculine business models - perhaps you feel you are here as a wayshower to embody this way of living for the New Earth and you want to lean into giving yourself permission to lead this way  

✵ You want to become limitless in your service and transcend beyond the box of your identity as a 'healer' or 'guide' and step into your birthright to be a divine channel of source

session structure

12 week 1-1 initiation ∞

1 Zoom call per week  (60 or 120 minute options) 

Post session integration email each week ♡​