5 self soothing affirmations to save

1) All difficult emotions are temporary

2) It's normal to feel this way. My feelings are always valid

3) Making a 'mistake' doesn't make me a bad person or a failure

4) My fears might not come true, and even if they do, I can cope

5) It's going to be okay

Speak to yourself gently.

Tell yourself the words you wish others had said to you.

Imagine you are taking care of a child - what would you tell them if they were in this situation?

What would your best friend/ partner/ family member say to you that brings a feeling of safety and love?

When we offer ourselves this reassurance (that we might not always receive an abundance of in the outside world) we lessen the urge to engage in more destructive coping mechanisms that hurt us (or others) in the long run.

You have the power to make your inner world a soft, serene, compassionate pace where you gently guide your thoughts in a more constructive direction.

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