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Ascension symptoms 2022-2025

In a perfectly balanced body, ascension symptoms would be gentle and manageable or not noticeable.

Over this three year period, at least 30% of the population is going to experience some form of ascension symptoms.

These could be:

Physical health symptoms

Emotional symptoms

Feelings of bliss

Sudden intuitive awarenesses that arise

When one is surrendered to divine will and the physical body is in excellent health, ascension is mostly experienced as:



Communication / connection with higher awareness

Amazing and revelatory

Full of synchronicities


Common symptoms and their typical root causes: (once a medical diagnosis has been excluded - consult with your doctor and use common sense)

Unexplained vomiting (for no longer than a day): denial

Bloating: trapped emotions

Headaches: not seeing the bigger picture in life

Tight muscles: grief

Things that help the body to mainly experience pleasant ascension symptoms:

Eating plenty of food, especially dense grounding foods

Avoid fasting for more than a day (90% of people should not fast at all - eat at least every 5 hours-ish during the day)

Live in integrity

Live in honesty and distance yourself from those you cannot be honest with

Live with discernment

Detrimental factors:

Too little calories (affects energy body severely)

Lack of hydration (severely)

Drinking more than 2 units of alcohol per week

Taking other recreational drugs (severely) - 90% of people should avoid all plant medicines such as ayahuasca, psilocybin etc. They are ‘overkill’ when the energy body is already ascending. and for most people bring up trauma that can't be integrated.

Things that worked for the human body before the planet's vibration began rising rapidly around 2020 are changing. For example you may find the kind of diet that felt good before doesn’t work any more or you need to exercise less as you integrate the more powerful energy working within your body. More people are also going to benefit from eating more softer foods to aid digestion and exercising more gently during this period of inner healing.

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