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At a vibration of 390+ you can raise the vibration of your environment to match your energy level

At a vibration of 500 you can change the vibrational frequency of a location (e.g. a house or a park) for 1 week (regardless of who else enters it during that week).

At a vibration of 600 you can change the vibration of a location for 1 year.(Regardless of who else enters it during that year).

At 600+ you will change the vibration of people simply by their being in your presence. (You can do this at lower levels however at 600+ you have an effect on every single person you meet regardless of your relationship with them. All energy bodies are affected equally). For some people, you will raise their vibration instantly or within a few minutes, or your energy will begin to plant seeds of awakening within them. It is up to each person whether they consciously nourish these seeds but everyone in the physical presence of, or seeing an image (photograph, video etc) of a person 600+ is moved on a cellular level. This can cause intense emotional pain for those who resist the transformation the spiritual light has awakened within them.

💜 70 percent of people notice at least that they feel something different about being in the presence of the person.

💜 50 percent will recognise the universal quality of kindness within the person.

💜 At least 10 percent of people will be deeply moved by their encounter with the person - this is even if the person doesn't say a single word and they just walk by each other on the street!

At a vibration of 700+ you can manifest a divine partner (for life) and know with certainty that your relationship will be taken care of by God.

At a vibration of 800+ you have permission to perform miracles. (You will know divine will and receive instructions as to the specifics of the miracle - it will have nothing to do with the ego self).

At the vibration of 900+ you can access any knowledge that would be beneficial for the good of all at that time.

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