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You can raise the frequency of your environment and of other people

If you are embodied at the Level of Consciousness of 500 (Love) or above, you can change the vibrational frequency of the places that you visit (or live or work in) simply by being there (and may amplify this by holding the positive intention to do so).

If you are embodying the Level of Consciousness 600 (Peace) or above you can raise the frequency of a location for at least 1 year. (Regardless of who else enters it during that year).

At Level of Consciousness 600 or above you will help other people raise their own frequency simply by their being in your presence. At Level of Consciousness 600+ you have a positive effect on every single person you meet regardless of your relationship with them. All living beings' energy bodies are affected by your consciousness (unless the person is already completely enlightened and their frequency cannot raise!). This includes animals and plants too.

When you are embodied at Level of Consciousness 600 or above, if you are paying attention to the energy, you may see people's energy tangibly changing in front of your eyes. Instantly or within a few minutes, your energy can begin to plant seeds of awakening within them. It is up to each person whether they consciously nourish these seeds but everyone in the physical presence of, or seeing an image (photograph, video etc) of a person embodied at level of Consciousness 600 or above is moved on an energetic and cellular level. (If in the presence of someone embodied at very high levels of consciousness such as an enlightened person, this can cause intense emotional pain down the line for those who resist the transformation the spiritual light has awakened within them!)

Your state of Being has the immense power to change the world and others' lives, without you 'doing' anything!

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