Being able to receive love is just as important as the giving

Do you have a receiving wound?

Does it feel safer to be the one giving?

Do you feel uncomfortable accepting gifts or compliments?

Do you rarely ask for anything and consider it a virtue?

This can be a way to avoid intimacy, by taking on the healer role ~ being the one that 'knows', 'does', 'provides', 'nurtures'...

('I don't want to be the one who feels vulnerable, who doesn't know the answer, who feels pain and desires comforting')

Reluctant receivership usually points to a deep childhood wound.

If you were a parentified child, this is especially common.

You had to 'be strong' for others, and perhaps growing up you felt valued based on what you could do for others.

You might feel guilty and selfish for asking for more from your relationships or life.

In my own journey I developed a fear of taking too much because I was used to having anger projected upon me when I didn't 'do enough' and love was conditional upon my offerings.

What if you realised that being able to receive is just as much an act of love as the giving? How much easier would it be to open yourself to receiving, knowing that doing to serves the world?

When we don't allow ourselves to receive, we don't thrive.

How sexy is it when your beloved receives your gift graciously and lets themselves be loved?

Rejecting our offerings can feel like a rejection of our love - it doesn't feel good to love someone who doesn't want to be loved!

Over time this leads to disconnect.

Receiving says:

♡ I trust you

♡ I'm letting my guard down

♡ I am deserving + equal

Intimacy means allowing ourselves to be in the flow of love where we ~both~ give and receive.

The spiritual community can have a big receiver wound! ~ distorted templates of what it means to be non-attached. We can receive without being in materialistic ways of thinking. By giving ourselves the gift of beautiful opportunities, we give ourselves more resources to offer our gifts to others ~ E.g. receiving money flowing into donating to other beings in need, or paying for your car to drive to a speaking event where you inspire others... Receiving mentorship to develop a skill... Or simply investing in services that nourish your health, or a magical experience connecting with other human beings. When we invite in abundance we glow from the inside out and even our Being is a gift that keeps giving back .