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Clues in life that all along I was an energy healer

People would tell me I had a healing aura, or presence, in general. Animals felt calmer with me, or were excited to see me, and people would open up to me more deeply than almost anyone in their lives. I've heard a lot of " this is the first time I've told anybody about this..." (And that's really beautiful.)

I used to feel energy running up my back when I was in my childhood home. I would be sitting in the kitchen, sometimes alone or with my family when I would feel a strange sensation. It was like someone was physically touching me, sending heat and tingling, laying their hands on me. It felt soft and gentle and safe and it never worried me. I don't remember if I ever thought to tell anyone about it at that age - I got this sense it was meant to be a 'secret' and that it didn't happen to everybody but I didn't feel like I had to understand it - I just let it happen and enjoyed it!

One of my friends once said: "I never know what you'll look like. Your face is always changing." My body moves the water and subtle appearance of my face according to how I feel. I used to see this as a 'curse' until I started noticing the same thing happening with my boyfriend, how I could read his face because it was moving the water like mine. And I thought how beautiful it was to watch his face reflecting his inner reality. (Both of us have lots of water in our charts).

I've been able to feel others' pain or notice when someone had a bodily issue. For example I was once sitting with a friend and I turned to her and suddenly said "your left lung is hurting" and she told me she had just gotten off antibiotics for a lung infection. And when I had my first root cause session with my practitioner, I came to her with a list of what I thought was happening with me in terms of pathogens, toxins etc (determined through muscle testing and intuition) and our lists matched up almost perfectly! (There were some things I didn't know existed or wasn't looking for). She thought I already used some psychic abilities professionally!

My cat survived against the odds after I held him in my arms on the way to the vet with severe hypothermia where he was registering as ambient temperature. I.e. he was generating 'no heat' more than the environment. But he lived and made an amazing recovery.

What signs have you noticed that you are here to awaken your healing abilities?

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