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Energy update: Deep purification process 18th June to 15th September 2022

10% of people are now currently stabilised at the approximate vibration (within 100 points) they will be at in one year.

40% of people's vibration will rise by at least 100 points within 2 years.

20% of people's vibration will drop by 100 points or more within one year.

40% of people will stay within a similar range to their current vibration.

Nobody at this time is guaranteed to be at high or low vibration unless they have stabilised. To stabilise at a certain vibration means that you have made so many positive soul choices (loving to both self and others) that your vibration is permanently at a certain vibration or above for the rest of your life. Before the last month it was extremely rare to stabilise (less than 1,000 people in the whole world, mainly saints etc). The reason many more people are now stabilised is their openness to face the consequences of their actions - to receive clear karmic feedback.

A person who seemed really awakened last month (let’s say 500 on the scale of consciousness) could be at 100 next month if they made poor choices or failed to realise something important. Whilst someone who has been spiritually ‘sleeping’ all their life could make a huge leap in consciousness.

Now is a time to let go of your old perceptions of people and be really present and honest with yourself about the current version of them.

Many people will face the choice of either letting go of a family member, close friend/s or partner OR being ‘pulled down’ to their level of consciousness, which will cause enormous suffering. It is actually the easier path to let go of the person than to hold on. Many people will find once they let go (take space from the person physically or emotionally detach from them, depending on the circumstance) that the person will eventually come back around transformed completely, but it is a divine guarantee that the positive soul choice to let go will be repaid by other wonderful opportunities and/or people appearing.

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