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Energy update: External honesty heals 16th September to 14th December 2022

In this period of mid September to mid December, the collective gateway to speeding up ascension and positive timelines for yourself, your friends and family and community is sharing honestly and from the heart - in particular sharing the fears you would like to receive support with and making any amends with others to repay karma. The other side of the coin of this energy is karmic repayment - if you have been unfairly treated in the last year, it is likely you will soon be seeing the beginning of a positive cycle of support from others.

Sharing fears and asking for support

At this time creating new, fresh energies in your life is what will bring the most positive results. Creating change can be intimidating, but shying away from seeking love and support from trustworthy people can lead to us backing down out of fear and staying stuck in that rut.

Now is a great opportunity to open up deep conversations about what really matters to you. What are your dreams, and more importantly why are they important to you? What are the underlying values that drive you? E.g. empathy, growth, fairness, dependability, courage, honesty etc... Are there any values that you admire in others that you would like to work on embodying more? Inspiring conversations with others can really change the way we see things. Other people often have insights into our blind spots and can encourage and empower us to heal negative beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities. Be honest about what is most keeping you feeling stuck - you may find that others relate or have even been through a similar journey themselves!

Building a new energy with others often requires some self reflection first.

If you are able to, it may be especially healing at this time to step back from your usual environments (e.g. social gatherings) for a little while to make more time for solitude. This can help you to gain clarity, so that you aren't influenced by others' opinions and can focus on what you would like to change, for you. 'What would most help me feel loved and supported in the near future? What boundaries do I need to create so I am in healthier environments for my nervous system and spiritual health?' Maybe bring out the journal!

After a period of reflection is complete, of course it's time to share with the relevant people! Without verbal feedback, our loved ones may not know how they can best help us, especially as we are prone to projection in this way - assuming that what works for us, is how other people think and what they want! Love looks different to each person depending on their past traumas, inherent personality and what's been going on more recently in their life. E.g. for one person, love might look like respecting their space, whilst for another it's about checking in on them and creating more connection. In codependent dynamics, one person might expect the other person to 'read their mind' and know how to love them, but healthy relationships work on a foundation of clear communication: knowing what we need and asking if the other person has the capacity to offer those kinds of support right now.

If you find you and a loved one are both feeling burned out and that 'your needs aren't aligning', sometimes this simple tip can help: If they are open to it, try both placing a hand on your own hearts and simply taking turns to listen to each other for 5 minutes each (repeat as many times as you agree on). When you're the one sharing, take your time and let yourself sink into presence before beginning. Let go of thinking of what to say in advance and let the words flow through you, trusting your heart to speak. All you are doing is sharing, and all that is asked of the other person is to listen with presence. When you're the one listening, simply be present and don't try to come up with what you want to say back in response - just let them share and feel truly heard. Compassionate, attentive listening can release a lot of density so that you feel safer to connect.

Many people (especially at this time) have had so much going on within their own worlds that their healing may need to take priority first, over maintaining connection. (And this may be a healthy thing, out of an awareness that they need to go inwards or seek a different kind of support outside the relationship). There is peace and relief in accepting that connections between friends (and even committed romantic partners) that are ascending always go through phases where more space is needed to keep the relationship healthy. Focusing on your own growth during times apart means you can come back renewed, and you are more able to embrace the many versions of your loved one you will meet over the years of knowing them as they grow.

Repaying karma

During the years 2020-2022, communities have been physically fragmented due to lockdowns. There have been vibrational echos of this trauma in many ways. One of these is how disconnected we have become from one another on a deeper level. Although people have been physically meeting up mostly in a 'back to normal' sense, the true meaning of connection is much more than physical meeting, talking, and spending time together. To connect to another person is to truly see them, to be curious about their reality, to empathise, to co-create positive energies. We are remembering how to truly open our hearts to each other and share in that joy.

It can seem easier in the moment to choose relationship dynamics that are comfortable, where we aren't being challenged, where we know that if we don't question the status quo we will probably be accepted. After a time that has felt very unsafe, the ego craves safety and familiarity. During spring and summer 2022, many people chose temporary comfort in their relationships, rather than the ways of being that would bring true connection and inner peace. Discomfort is starting to arise more strongly for those who have not yet freed themselves from codependent (inauthentic) connections, or who have neglected nourishing healthy relationships that support growth, innovation and soul healing.

One of the physical qualities of the worldwide ascension process is that society will be splitting into communities of different vibrations. Those with higher vibrations will be attracted to those of similar vibrations and those of lower vibrations will be attracted to those of similar low vibrations. Those who are committed to their spiritual awakening vs. those who want to portray an outward identity of being spiritually awake but are not truly aware of the impact of their actions, will be in too different vibrational realities to maintain close connections in most cases. They are committed to different missions (genuinely being of service vs. maintaining an image) and the only way to maintain or rebuild a relationship with those who are spiritually committed to being part of building the New Earth is to choose to be committed also. If you have deeply hurt someone, if you have made significant choices you 'regret', the window for the best chance of repairing these wholesome relationships is closing. This period is a blessing of divine grace, a gigantic opportunity to repay karmic debts to loved ones. If you have any unfinished business, anything that you have a niggle that you might regret if you suddenly found yourself near the end of your life, now is the time to reflect and then to do the right thing. Even if an apology is not accepted, any sincere attempt to 'right a wrong' creates much positive karma for your future life situation and relationships to come.

Divine justice

If you've been treated unjustly this year, this is the season where karmic repayment begins. It is not a reflection on your value as a person if you have found yourself betrayed or abandoned by those you trust - even communities that claim to be about spiritual growth are not always sincere or may be misguided.

By divine law, all significant karmic repayment for souls who vibrate at 500+ on the Scale of Consciousness who have acted with consistent integrity has to be complete within 3 years (At 400-499 on the scale, within 3-4 years). This karmic repayment can be either direct repayment from the people who hurt you and/or be in the forms of other existing connections or completely new people showing up in your life with more kindness.

Having a high vibration creates an incredibly strong attractor field for positive energies to approach you - however especially in unstable times such as these, many high vibrational people at first trigger others' fears with their strong energy and go through initiations where others turn against or away from them. Continue on a path of kindness and commitment to truth and the karmic balance will be restored in time.

Do not believe invalidating statements from those who misjudge your intentions or who suggest you are making mistakes because your external hopes are not yet 'manifesting'. Kinesiology research has shown that a small group of people (those with the highest vibrations) counterbalance humanity and have kept our whole species from destroying themselves throughout history. Maintaining a high frequency is the single greatest contribution you can make with your life, although in its current spiritual ignorance, this goes unnoticed by the wider world. Over time, the desire for external appreciation melts into a persistent sense of inner satisfaction, which is true peace.

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