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Energy Update June 1-20th 2022

๐Ÿ’œ The first theme that came up for most of June is 'new colours': We might be seeing the ways the world is evolving in new ways these next few weeks. Third eye chakra upgrades are particularly present, supporting you in seeing a new reality. Perhaps we will be noticing more how the world is changing and coming to a place of greater acceptance of it not being what we were expecting. We might ask ourselves 'okay, this is not really how I planned for things to go but how can I work with what is?' You might benefit from seeing ways you can be making your mark in 'small ways'. One way you can do that is to focus on playing with the light inside - what lights you up from within when nobody is watching?

๐Ÿ’œ This second theme is more promising to the ego! Things might begin to move that were stuck last month. If you had any false starts in May (energy that couldn't integrate), that's mostly over now. The opportunities and energies that couldn't ground into reality have mostly faded away - it's not available to you any more and that's clear now or you have clarity that you don't actually want that thing now.

In particular, many people will be receiving sudden clarity on important matters - especially relationship and money challenges - you may have a spark of insight about the next steps forward. But as the energy is still changing a lot this month, it's best not to get ahead of yourself - you might have some long term ideas about what you want but if you can can focus on the next few steps and put your energy there, things are more likely to go smoothly.

๐Ÿ’œ Another theme that's going to be showing up is increasing confidence within people in general. People are starting to be a bit more ready to show their true selves, for example, owning their passions (especially if they are unusual). People are going to be breaking out of their old moulds, setting themselves free from old versions of themselves and reinventing themselves.

You can really make the best of this energy by choosing an openness to new experiences - new people, new places and new opportunities. If something is really calling to you or has been for a while (even if you have no experience), now is a great time to do it! People will be more open to experimentation and the energy of play.

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