Aligning with the divine is the true key to healing all dis-ease

When I turn away from the divine/God/love, nothing works for me.

Everything feels like it's going 'wrong' and my life falls apart.

When I try to do it 'my way', I struggle.

My life only flows when I accept that my mind doesn't always know what to do...

My soul has such a clear path for me.

Even when I can't see that physically, the essence of the path is trusting the divine to lead.

(I embrace many words, religions and philosophies as paths to the same thing:






There have been so many moments when turning to the divine was my only source of peace.

Like in the hospital last summer when I thought I was dying, I was whispering in my head 'Love. Peace.' A friend was about to call me and I had been having episodes of paralysis and being unable to speak. I didn't know if I would be able to explain what was happening to me, how sick I was. I thought "If I die tonight, he will find out why eventually, so what do I want my final words to be?"

I would have chosen those words, if that was all I could speak.

I had to climb from the depths of hell, in constant pain spiritually and physically, appreciating each little thing, in order to put my body into a state where it could start healing my body in a noticeable way.

I began with things like:

Enjoying the glorious sunshine on my face.

Cuddling my adorable fluffy kitties.

Being in awe at the blueness of the sky.

Listening to the song of the birds in the morning.

Gentle, soft, reassuring breaths.

I asked the divine for help so many times when I thought that day was the day where I would die.

Or where my symptoms were unbearable and I asked myself if it was worth it, to choose to live.

I always received.

Sometimes it was a tiny, small thing.

Sometimes it was slow arriving (to my human mind).

Sometimes it didn't look exactly like what I wanted, but it was what I needed.

There are lots of things I would like to experience and do with my life now, that to my human mind feel really big and I have no idea how I will get there.

And if I could go back a year ago and tell myself that I would finally found out after six years what was wrong with me (Lyme + confections, infected root canal, mold, trapped emotions, blocked energy, trauma and more) and that I would heal and have the opportunity to choose my life, that would have been to that past version of me, a miracle.

When I was at my most sick, the deepest wish I could see was just to be well enough to feel safe in my body and to be able to do simple things like walk and sit in the garden and enjoy time with my cats.

My world was so small, that was the dream.

My spiritual eyes couldn't see or believe in anything further for me.

Nowadays, I am healed of the physical pathogens and toxicities from when I was so sick.

And I still experience temporary symptoms (e.g. random bloating, pain etc) when I turn away from my intuition, from my soul's plan, when my life isn't in alignment!

I'm like a canary in the coalmine spiritually - if my path goes 'wobbly', my body lets me know, sometimes rather loudly!

So I know in this life I have no choice, but to surrender to a plan greater than myself.

So each time I experience a symptom or a block, I open my ears and become curious.

I lean in once again to what the divine wants from me.

Throw my hands up and say:

I don't know!

Show me.

Guide me.

This energy of surrender is also what taught me how to awaken my own healing energy, and learn how to quantum clear Lyme, radiation poisoning and more. The actual process is usually easy and quick, once you have aligned your frequency and you are ready to.

The most important part of what I'm sharing is that I want you to know, you can be free from your dis-ease.

If you found this post, it's a sign that you are ready to be healed.

Whatever method you use, whether you work with me, whether your path is focused more on supplements, energy healing, or finding the spiritual root causes, you have now aligned yourself with the frequency of true healing ;)

Ask a higher power to show you the way.

And if it's hard to hear those messages, it can be so helpful to learn muscle testing, or ask to receive muscle testing or channeling from somebody you feel safe with.

(Receiving is often a blockage for people who have experienced dis-ease or deep spiritual challenges. (Myself included!)

And allowing ourselves to receive care from others is often a big part of the healing).

You deserve it, and you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

One step at a time.

Give it to God.

You don't have to know the way, it's already taken care of.