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Have you had a change of preference in your favourite nature hangout in the last few years?

Natural environments have been purging out old dense energies from ancestral trauma at an accelerated rate since March 2020. For example, your favourite riverside trail that used to feel tranquil because its vibration was at 600, may now be at 100 (temporarily).

Because humanity and the Earth are intricately linked, it is in our highest good for these energies to be lifted and transmuted to a higher frequency as this hugely supports the human energy body (and the energy bodies of other living beings).

It's common and natural at this time to have a sudden or unexpected change in preference as to where you like to hang out in nature. For example I used to prefer woodland environments and now I am more drawn to the ocean.

Part of this may be specific locations near you where the purging is particularly intense, or there may be toxic exposures in that environment that your intuition is able to sense, or it may be that there is an environment in nature that helps to activate more of your soul's true expression.

It will take about 20 years for the Earth to purge these old dense vibrations so that the ground itself is always 200 and above so embrace any changes and be open to adventure! There are so many beautiful places to explore on Earth.

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