Healed Masculine + Healed Feminine qualities

Healed masculine:

Grounded, steady, safe container able to hold space for the feminine

Connected to own feelings and honours them in others

Create structure that supports not oppresses

Competitive with own limits not others

Directs ambition in service of greater causes

Speaks with calm strength of assertiveness, not aggression


Generous giving

Healed feminine:

Nurturing, gentle

Able to manage ebb and flow of emotions, connected to intuition behind them

Creates from flow, inspires

Connected to simply being - worth not based on pleasing others or achieving

Knows own worth, not seeking outside validation

Stands in her power and makes choices that support her highest good

Expresses truth authentically without shame


Graciously receiving

(We all have both masculine and feminine energies within regardless of gender. As a woman you may feel you have more work to claim your masculine energy for example, or you might feel disconnected from your feminine essence because a lot of cultural paradigms call women more into their masculine energy e.g. the corporate world. As a man you might notice that you actually feel most connected to feminine energy, either as a natural inclination or because of an absence of positive male role models growing up. Or maybe as a man who feels most connected to masculine energy you developed wounded masculine energy and neglected your own feminine energy because you tried to emulate toxic male role models. As a non binary individual (or as a binary one!) you might feel energy androgynous - a fairly equal mix of both. All energy expressions in all genders are beautiful- we can all heal both archetypes within and integrate the healed version).

Healed masculine and feminine are the perfect symbiosis. Embodying both within yourself creates inner harmony and therefore attracts harmony in your interactions with others. Embody one healed polarity with a romantic partner embodying the opposite healed polarity = sexual chemistry, yin and yang, complementary strengths.

The healed masculine is about balancing doing:

Taking action from a place of purpose - channeling drives into providing to selflessly serve others. Cares for self as a priority without hoarding resources selfishly or being guarded and defensive or closing one's heart.

Uses protective instinct to provide safety and genuine support for others, rather than controlling them. Allows the mind and heart to work in synergy in decision making, not becoming overpowered by the former. Respects and adores feminine energy and creates a safe environment for the feminine energy of others to be safely expressed (especially allowing men to express their feminine energy!

The healed feminine is about balanced being:

Bringing presence into cycles of emotions - observing and responding, not impulsively reacting. Holding space for others, expressing empathy. Deep presence. Being connected to own worth and power, choosing who and what to give energy to wisely, not spending energy if it would be self-abandonment. Channeling own authentic expression, being fiercely yet lovingly centred in own truth. Trusting and opening one's heart to those that demonstrate integrity. Knowing one's own magic - realising self as a magnetic being that does not have to drain energy seeking approval or chasing opportunities that are not aligned. Making choices from love not fear, from a state of flow, choosing more of what naturally ignites joy.

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