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How to change negative habits

There are, of course, many methods to changing a habit. This article will outline the most effective and most permanent ways.

One thing that has yet to be understood by mainstream science is that all negative behaviour patterns (anything that is motivated by fear and causes suffering to others or yourself) involve not only brain pathways, but also a low vibrational energy stored in the energy body of the person. (This can be from ancestral trauma, or other trapped emotions or energies created during a person's lifetime).

If one clears the specific dense energy from the energy body that is connected to the negative habit, the temptation will be gone permanently, the brain pathways will rewrite themselves and the negative behaviour pattern also ends permanently.

This understanding will become relevant to how to approach negative habits that you would like to change, as described later in this article.

General advice for letting go of a habit:

  • Stay away from all tempting environments as much as possible until you know you can trust yourself e.g. friends and places that could encourage you to go back into the unhealthy habit.

  • Surround yourself with people who build your self confidence - it's easier to let go of a pattern when you aren't dealing with the 'weight' of other peoples' negative judgements being sent towards you. When someone has negative intentions, they physically emanate a negative field of energy into the immediate environment around them! This can trigger you to feel your own insecurities more strongly than if you are in a loving, supportive environment (where people are emanating positive fields of energy).

Back to the energy thing…

Having an energetic perspective on negative habits can help you to see them more neutrally and let go of any shame you may be feeling. You can recognise that it's all just energy, and that the energy can be moved.

You are not the destructive behaviour, you are not the addiction, you are not the negative thoughts. You are a soul remembering who you truly are. You forgot, and you didn't have the right tools or know how to use them to overcome the trauma you have been facing.

But this energetic pattern that fuels the habit, can be changed permanently.

You can clear these energies from yourself with consistent intention to break the habit.

The more sincere your intention is to heal the pattern, the more high vibrational energy your body creates to move the old energy out. Know that each time you have a loving thought or intention towards yourself or a loving thought or intention towards another person, this healing energy is activated inside of yourself. Even if you slip up again after a moment of being connected to the loving energy, the loving energy has been activated inside of you and will continue working within you.

No matter how long you have felt trapped by your habit, healing is available. If you have a genuine willingness to change, all patterns can be transformed.

If you are struggling with a lack of motivation, and you feel powerless to your habit, there is help. You are not alone in wanting to be free from the suffering you are experiencing.

There may be support groups, therapy and other methods specific to your type of habit. But if these are not seeming to help or are not accessible, this is not the only form of external help that is available.

You are a multidimensional being and there are beings with stronger energy fields than yours that want to help you. Most notable of these beings are enlightened persons (either living or dead) that have lived on Earth, and beings that could be described as angels. Their incredibly strong energy fields can support you in healing.

The most powerful ways to help clear the dense energy and therefore clear the habit are:

  • To ask for angelic assistance

  • To ask for assistance from an enlightened person (the enlightened person doesn't have to be near you, simply inwardly asking for help)

  • To receive an energy healing from someone who can send a very high frequency energy, enlightened energy (700-1000 on the Scale of Consciousness)

  • If you have an opportunity to, spending time in the physical company of an enlightened person (700-1000 on the Scale of Consciousness).

A note on each form of external support:

Asking for assistance from enlightened persons (inwardly)

An enlightened person radiates an incredibly vast healing energy field. You don't even need to think of a specific enlightened person, you can simply declare inside of yourself: 'I am open to the help of any enlightened persons who can help me heal this habit'. (Speaking it aloud or just thinking it silently both work equally). This intention to be open to their field of unconditionally loving energy can begin working in you straight away.

If you feel a connection to an enlightened person who is no longer alive, it does not matter. This connection can help you regardless of space and time. You can connect to their energy, and it will remind you of your own soul's true blueprint and this activates your own healing energy. Enlightened persons that are still alive and angelic beings can also send healing energy towards you on their behalf. This is because your connection to the enlightened person and asking to be healed automatically sends an energetic signal to all enlightened persons and angels who can help, so that you are surrounded also by the energy of their grace.

Of course if you are able to physically spend time with an enlightened person (or communicate with them virtually) this can have a profound healing effect. Many enlightened persons have been documented throughout history as performing 'miracles' on those that came to them sincerely open to healing. These miracles arise as a combination of the person's heart being open to the healing and the enlightened person's powerful energy field.

Angelic assistance

All living beings on Earth have angels that are dedicated to them as an individual. You are always under their protection if you are open to receiving their healing energy and they can always hear your requests.

A strong positive intention can attract angelic assistance (even without believing that they exist). Angelic beings also have incredibly powerful energy fields that can be radiated over time towards the person struggling with a negative habit, and this can also result in permanent and complete healing.

You could ask 'any angelic beings that can help me, please help me change this habit' or 'please help me choose what is best for me'.

Receiving an energy healing at 700+ on the Scale of Consciousness

An enlightened or near-enlightened person who has awakened their energy healing abilities can be a channel of very high frequency healing energy. Sometimes a person who is not as close to being enlightened is able to, for the duration of an energy healing, send energy at this high frequency. Most energy healers are not yet capable of doing this reliably because it takes deep devotion to their spiritual path to be able to do so. So if your intention is to support healing from addiction or a strongly ingrained negative habit, ideally you want someone who can offer energy healing that is always 700 or above on the Scale of Consciousness.

You can muscle test: 'will this person's energy healing always calibrate on the Scale of Consciousness as 700 or above?'

My energy healing muscle tests as 1000 on the Scale of Consciousness, which is the highest energy the human body can hold.

Strengthening your own spiritual power

The best qualities to cultivate in an ongoing journey to let go of something that is difficult for you are: surrender and devotion.


This means 'a total willingness to let go of whatever is not for your highest good'. Even in the middle of falling into the negative habit again, you can surrender. You accept, okay, I slipped up again. But I can align myself with the loving, positive energy field that will move me towards healing right now. You are choosing to let go of self judgement and simply asking for a higher power to realign you to the best possible outcome from now on. Surrender is an act of letting go of the past so that loving energy can flow into the present.


Devotion is 'committing yourself to embody a positive quality' (such as courage, discipline etc). You can ask for divine assistance such as 'please help me to be more disciplined with _', 'please help me to embody [positive quality]. Sometimes devoting yourself to a positive cause can also help, to take your attention off negative feelings and move your attention to something meaningful. For example you might take up volunteering for a charity, start a creative project for the pure enjoyment of expressing yourself or even find small productive causes each day e.g. tidying the house or doing another manageable task. Devotion is aligning yourself with that positive energy. If you slip up in being devoted, that's okay. Once you notice that you had a 'wobble', you just get back up and start again.


Once the dense energy connected to the pattern is gone from your body, it is gone permanently.

This means:

In terms of the physical behaviour: There is no negative motivation left for you to fall into the unhealthy habit. There is no chance of ever repeating the behaviour. You are only motivated towards doing positive things where you once did destructive things. (For example a person who clears the dense energy connected with alcoholism now finds alcohol unappealing, and they now feel motivated to eat well and take care of their body).

Energetically: It is impossible for this dense energy to come back ever. The places in the body where the dense energy was, now are filled permanently with higher frequencies which are healing to the body, mind and soul.

Mentally: self judgment about the past behaviour/thoughts decrease over time and eventually stop. (Sometimes this could take a bit of time after the habit itself comes to an end). Self forgiveness begins to unfold. One feels free of the 'prison' of the habit.

Spiritually: the soul lesson/s associated with why you once had this habit have been learned. The soul has 'graduated' permanently from these lessons.

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