How to differentiate unconditional love from codependency / enabling

Unconditional relationship (enabling/ codependency):

- Abandoning our own needs and feelings

- Allowing the other person to control/ manipulate/ dismiss us

- Making excuses for the other person/ accepting bad behaviour/ rescuing them

- Often a power dynamic where one person dominates and other submits

- "You can do anything to me and I'll sit here and tolerate it"

- Stems from fear not love

Unconditional love

-Not codependent

- Allows other person to face natural (negative) consequences of their actions to learn (not rescuing them)

- We don't judge the other person (we can have discernment of course but concern expressed with compassion)

- No control - sees other person as a soul with free will and respects their right to make choices they don't agree with

-Treat self as equal, able to set boundaries and express self as well as hear their needs out

- Treat other person with respect and want what's best for them regardless of ego desires e.g. even if that means not being in their life because they don't want to or it would be unhealthy for them

A lot of relationships are transitioning right now ~ either ascending to a higher level of commitment (or connectedness if they are platonic), or ending/have recently ended as we realise that the connection no longer supports our growth/ our lessons with that person are complete.

As the planet ascends into higher consciousness, we will be aligning more and more with people who resonate with our true essence ~ people who accept us for who we truly are rather than choosing our connections based on shared history, status, appearance, the approval of our culture and other factors based on 3D ways of thinking. Those that can treat us with deeper levels of unconditional love.


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