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Living quantumly

Amongst all of the modalities, tools and perspectives that I use for my own healing and wellbeing, they all weave together through a 'lifestyle' (a way of being) of living quantumly.

What does living quantumly mean?

I laughed as I asked myself this question because the irony is that living quantumly is moving beyond the logical mind, language or the need for explanation.

You could also call this state:



Being guided by synchronicity

Trusting God

Communion with the divine

Living this way can be both incredibly liberating and full of miracles, but also sometimes a little scary, because you have to lean into trusting and leave the ego mind (and it's stories) behind.

And at this point in my journey it's the only way of living that makes sense for me!

Here are 8 things that may help you to understand how to live in this state:

No or little plans:

The ironic thing about this one is I don't have a resistance to the idea of making plans... and sometimes I do. But I also make them from an energy of free-flowing, and trusting that many things in my life will unfold naturally (without me giving them much or any attention). For example I attended a self development webinar today. It was in my calendar but I had forgotten all about it, and I hadn't set a reminder. I suddenly felt a pull to put something else in my calendar, and spotted that the webinar was about to begin in just an hour. I had just the perfect time to have a relaxing bentonite clay bath and integrate some energy so I was able to receive exactly what I was meant to from the workshop.

Other examples of things showing up without planning could be bumping into a person you are wanting to see or finding something that was missing when you let go of searching for it (e.g. this worked when my cat was missing for about a month. I felt it the day before she came home, that we were going to find her really soon). The key to this one is you have to genuinely let go of attachment, otherwise you are likely to broadcast frequencies that prevent the desired result from arriving. For example, I hadn't cleared some energy with a friend, and she thought that I was upset with her (I didn't know this at the time). I was really close physically to her in another city (that neither of us live in), but I didn't see her because there was a block to the resonance of her calling or messaging me... Even though she thought of me and wondered if I might be there on that day!

If you could zoom out quantumly you would see many near-opportunities (and near-'disasters'!) that have passed close by in the quantum field but didn't anchor into the physical.

Taking risks from a place of deep knowing:

Making the choice from a place of calm, still, inner awareness. Clearing your energy first before deciding, or there is this knowing that your energy is so clear that you already know you are 'safe' to do the daring thing. For example one day me and my mum drove to Brighton (which is by the sea) on the day of a storm. She was worried about the car, safety on the road, or being negatively affected by the storm in some way. I said to her simply: "you're not trusting God". We arrived safely, and the storm had no effect on the road. She also accidentally ran over my foot that day, and I was fine! I already had the intuition to wear my thick boots and when it happened was so intensely present that I knew to bend my leg a particular way and my foot wasn't injured at all. I was able to walk around fine for the rest of the day!

This kind of risk taking is not to be conflated with being reckless - there could have well been days when it's not a good idea to drive in a storm! There were fallen trees so for some people, a journey may not have been physically safe. It was much less about the content of the 'risk' and all to do with the energy I was feeling. Was my body, mind and soul giving me a yes to this possibility? Was I able to differentiate this from the voice of my ego?

Openness to possibilities:

Speaking of, am I able to expand my willingness to experience more than my conscious mind can currently conceive?

E.g. If I have my eyes set on this dream apartment, can I be open to the idea that there's one out there even better? So that if I am holding the energy of being really excited about this one, and it falls through, I can still feel positive energy about the place I will get to live in? And know it's out there, and that it is also looking for me? Or if you've been hurt in love, can you open your mind to the possibility a relationship that is different from anything you have experienced or could even imagine, in a really amazing way, exists?

For example I only really dived into The Emotion Code over the last couple of months - and now I am training as a practitioner. I had no idea it would be part of my toolkit and something I wanted to share with others! I felt connected to working with helping others with their physical healing in some way but didn't know how trapped emotions would be such a big part of that journey for me, and that I would see it help others so quickly and simply. We get to move beyond the mind, which is a collection of impressions from the past, in order to create a new reality.


A side effect of living in the flow. Repeated number patterns, a certain word or symbol appearing everywhere, thinking of someone just as they call etc... Meaningful coincidences reveal themselves often, sometimes as affirmation of your current path, others times as guidance. An example I can think of is that the day Thich Nhat Hahn (the well known Buddhist monk) passed away, me and two other friends all suddenly felt drawn to watch a video or read a book of his, which we all hadn't done for a long time. That day I also felt filled with an immense spiritual peace and awoke my healing abilities in a really powerful way. (Photo is from this day, just after what I'm about to describe). I received this intuitive message as I was in the bath that I was meant to lie down and meditate immediately and not move until I was told to. So I got up and went to the bed. I felt a huge bolt of energy move though my body from my root chakra. It was unlike anything I had ever felt and happened many times. It was as if I could feel every cell of my body, and my whole body tingled and burned with heat. At times it was so intense I had to really surrender to the moment in order to just hold still. The rest of the day I was so joyful and smiling and I could see that everyone felt my energy - strangers were smiling back at me wherever I went, even some that looked really miserable before!

Few promises:

In human design I have an open heart centre which means I don't have sustained will. So I rarely say I will do something unless it's a commitment that I know truly makes my soul sing. There are some things that I know I can hold true to my promises in (e.g. committing to a relationship when I feel a full body yes, or planning a trip), but I don't over-pack my life with year's that could end up feeling like obligations. I allow myself to say 'let me get back to you about that' or 'I will check in when the time feels right / feel free to reach out to me if you suddenly feel the resonance'. Several impromptu healing sessions with loved ones have flowed that way, and looking back, we could see exactly why it wasn't meant to happen before this moment (e.g. a specific energy needed to come to the surface for healing, or our energies were mismatched in some way, but then when the moment came it was a beautiful experience for both of us that was exactly what we needed).

Owning your reality:

Taking complete responsibility for everything that shows up. (Learning to do this without beating yourself up is the challenge!) It doesn't mean that you deserved for 'bad' things to happen or that anything beyond your conscious control (e.g. someone else's behaviour) is your fault, but it means that you always have a choice to bring to this situation (or yourself), a new energy. E.g. the energy of self care, understanding, integrity, empowerment. And sometimes owning your reality means owning when it feels too much and your physical, emotional body has reached its limits! Crying on the floor and surrendering to divine guidance can be a 'positive' energy choice. Setting boundaries may be a really positive choice. Moving forward and resting are seen as equal in the eyes of God/The Universe/Creation when they are done with acceptance.

Trusting your gut instinct /

Listening to the body

This is where my earthly work comes in. I use a combination of feeling my body's yes/no intuitively (expanded or contracted feeling), muscle testing, and using body code and emotion code when I feel something is still blocked and I can't discern clearly. Body code especially has been amazing in helping me to make clear decisions when I was feeling anxiety. It has helped me to see where my thinking was skewed e.g. by clearing a limiting belief like a 'despair anchor' or 'post hypnotic suggestion' or knowing I had 'no will to' do something, I could let that energy go and then hear the messages from my soul authentically. E.g. 'no will to receive support' - once I clear that I'm probably going to naturally feel good about reaching out and asking for something.

Also sending my own healing energy though my body is so powerful and helps me to clear my channel and receive answers from God's perspective directly for things I feel really stuck on! Or post hypnotic suggestion 'it's pointless to try' - I'm likely to feel renewed power to give something a go that I was feeling powerless about a few minutes before.

Being open to receive (answers, support, blessings):

This one sounds so simple. Of course we want to receive the solution, and the good things our conscious mind is wanting, right? But our subconscious can have other ideas! We might want something but there is also a part of us that is afraid.

We want to return to full health but deep inside we are afraid of friends abandoning us when we reclaim our power.

We want to earn more money so we can live more comfortably and experience more beautiful things but we feel ashamed and worry we will be 'selfish'.

We want the relationship but we are scared of trusting.

Opening ourselves, is about being open to the divine first. Going to our higher power and asking for the highest good. "Show me how I can receive the things that are good for me. I am willing to offer myself as a force of nature, a force of love on the planet. I am willing to be the change I want to see. Give me what I need, to offer my light in the most beneficial way for the good of all".

Being open to receive, and living quantumly, is making your life a prayer to Be Love.

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