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A channeling on the spiritual causes of gluten allergy/sensitivity

The energetics of gluten:

'Gluten is a very masculine energy. In order to receive it and integrate it well you have to be able to fully receive the masculine energy within yourself.

This structure (the masculine) on Earth has broken down and the masculine has been distorted, just as gluten grains themselves have sometimes been distorted with GMOs, pesticides and other materials and processes that are intended to weaken the human body.

The original gluten in its original organic template is deeply nourishing when paired with an organic masculine essence and/or ability to receive from that polarity.

Do you notice how so many women specifically suffer from this problem?

It is very possible to restore that (tolerance for gluten), even that which we call coeliac disease, for it is only a distortion in energy and fear of receiving from the masculine and/ or feeling the masculine within.

When you are connected to your own power, your higher self, your masculine aspect of polarity, you can receive this energy and food effortlessly, (even in its GMO forms, although it takes a deeper spiritual masculine presence to receive this aspect fully).

In truth there is no coeliac disease, only masculine intolerance disease.

If you have been diagnosed with this disease or experience an intolerance to this energy, there is a deep healing available for you around the masculine. An openness to this polarity and aspect to yourself (which can be opened through releasing repressed anger and self abandonment, for example). When your frequency is ready to once again receive this energy, you will automatically know and sense this and a pathway of integration begins where you ground this new belief into the physical reality.

If you have had other similar intolerances you may want to begin by opening yourself to safely and gratefully receiving other grains, foods similar in structure to gluten'.

*All content contained within this article and website is for informational purposes only. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


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