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Most people haven't known deep genuine unconditional love for long

Perhaps there was a relationship that started out great or a time when our parents were less stressed and more able to be present. But after that ego began to permeate the relationship.

Most people don't know what they are looking for when it comes to aligning with and receiving soul-led love because they confuse the results of ego as 'a natural shift that has to occur in all relationships' where trust is broken, hurt occurs and we close off from one another or become controlling or critical.

Many people create false beliefs about what is possible in a loving relationship (of any kind) because they don't realise they have been programmed. They don't yet comprehend that staying in a state of unconditional love between two or more people is perfectly possible and in fact, as humanity reaches higher levels of consciousness, is quite natural and eventually inevitable.

The season of conditional love is over.

Earth's sanity is restoring.

The new normal will be relating more from authentic soul resonance.

Some people are naturally alike at the level of individual essence and some are dissimilar. At the deepest level we are all souls but there are people that on the human level, even if we are both being our truest selves, we have no or little business with each other. Other souls, if both people are being mostly true to themselves, the draw towards each other will be undeniable because there is a shared energy exchange which can be beneficial for both. This is a pull from the soul which is very different from the pull of the ego.

These soul-pulls will be happening more and more over the next 10 years, magnetising soul family together to fulfill their purpose.

These will be relationships where you feel safe, maybe more than ever before, to be your true self. Aspects that were judged by others will be celebrated. Some of this dynamic will also be seeing through the reflection of that other person or persons, that your shadow has a hidden positive quality. E.g. a person who is disorganised may have a natural gift to go with the flow in challenging situations or a person who struggled with people pleasing could be excellent at knowing what other people need in a role that respects their feelings and boundaries. Although much of their soul essence will be alike, there will also be aspects of that other person that are yin/yang complimentary differences where the other person may be able to help out and model for us how we could respond differently. The person who was disorganised could learn from someone how they can keep going with the flow but create structure where it's supportive. The person who struggled with people pleasing may find a soul friend who is gentle and compassionate but great at saying "no". Symbiosis is the essence. Both parties thrive from the other's different gifts.

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