Never underestimate the power of planting seeds of love

(Maybe the seed you planted isn't even for the person intended, but for other people who learn and find healing in your integrity!)

There have been many times in my life when people have told me that something I wanted to do was a 'bad idea' ~ because they were afraid of me getting hurt.

I went ahead and did it/ said it anyway. Because I knew it was coming from my heart, my authenticity, my integrity.

When it comes from that place, I never regret it.

I told a friend recently about something I did which didn't reap the 3D results my ego would have liked, and how I felt about it, how I felt about the person involved.

(Peace and closing out a chapter; gratitude and unconditional love)

My friend said to me: "That's beautiful. Thank you for telling me that story."

I had no idea my actions would later be medicine for ~him~.

We can get attached to doing things to get a certain result - (e.g. if 'I communicate consciously, I can get the other person to stop getting angry at me') but this only creates suffering because we are guaranteed to fail sometimes if our goal is outside of ourselves.

However if our goal is to be in integrity with our own being, we can only win.

If I had placed the value of my action in getting what I wanted, I might have felt disappointment, resentment, grief, powerlessness...

But I understand that the universe knows better who needs my love!

Every time I choose love, someone somewhere is impacted positively.

It might be:

✧The person wasn't ready to receive love yet but you were part of a series of events that cracked open their heart over time

✧The person went away + reflected on their actions

✧ You planted a seed that kindness still exists

✧ The person learned something from your approach + used it in another relationship

✧The person told someone about the interaction and they learned through it

✧ Someone else saw what you did and was inspired

✧ You learned a lesson about yourself

✧ You can tell a story of this experience which is medicine for others

There are people who have inspired me to love who I have never met or who aren't even alive any longer!

Some people may be afraid to let you love and risk getting hurt, but that comes from not trusting themselves to cope with pain.

Love is timeless, and always worth gifting.

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