Signs of a relationship awakening

  • You notice you keep attracting the same type of partner and the same struggles again and again and you've realised the common factor is you.

  • You recognise that a fear of emotional intimacy has been holding you back from getting the love you truly want.

  • You realise the relationships you saw growing up were not healthy.

  • You want to break the cycle and learn a new way.

  • You no longer want to make others responsible for your happiness.

  • You are realising the healing power of taking responsibility for your own wellbeing rather than looking for a saviour...

  • You want to stop self sabotaging and allow yourself to be seen, to be vulnerable and to receive.

  • You want to avoid hurting loved ones and yourself going forward.

  • You want to experience deep, unconditional, soul love.

  • You want to reclaim the way you show up with family without guilt. You are no longer responsible for their behaviour and trauma.

  • You want to finally release your addiction to the highs and lows of 'earning' the love of unavailable partners or friends.

  • You are ready to forgive yourself and others for the hurt that has been caused and create a new reality free from shame and blame, instead based on understanding - and you know that this is possible to do whilst also having healthy boundaries and creating distance/no contact when that's called for.

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