Sometimes it's not too good to be true - it's just good!

Perhaps it's the person you're dating or new friendship connections with a potential soul tribe.

Suddenly all you ever wanted in a connection stands in front of you... Your wishes seem to be coming true... You freeze.

You doubt it.

Because our brains are designed to see safety in familiarity.

If it's never been this good before, we can subconsciously interpret the situation as threatening.

E.g. Being with a conscious partner after emotionally unavailable relationships can feel overwhelming, the level of vulnerability a conscious partner invites, exposing. Our date might be direct in a way we've never experienced: "I like you. This is what I want. No pressure, just letting you know."

If we have been used to game playing in the past we might wonder, what's the catch? Can this person truly be trusted?

Or perhaps you make friends with a really cool circle of heart centred beings and suddenly you feel unease with the support and praise you are receiving... it feels so different after having friends who didn't understand your spiritual path and passions. "Am I worthy of this? What is wrong with them to seem to like me this much? Are they going to change their mind and stop wanting to connect when they get to know me a bit more and my flaws become visible?" Of course there is wisdom in discernment, being aware of red flags of manipulation, control etc.

Sometimes narcissistic individuals will lovebomb at the beginning of a relationship + undermine their confidence later on.

But if there are no signs of red flags... It might just be that your fears have closed you off the possibility that people could be this wonderful, + you could be deserving of the depth of love that is available to you.

Yes, amazing soul expressing individuals do exist.

Yes, you are worthy of being showered with all of the love the Universe has to offer.

It might just be safe to allow yourself to drop your walls + experience the goodness of receiving.

(On an even deeper level, as you accept yourself, the need for walls dissolves regardless of reaction as that facet of you no longer feels vulnerable).

If this message resonates, let go and allow the magic.

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