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The body knows what Love is

Your conscious understanding of what Love is depends on the Level of Consciousness you are embodying. (The higher your Level of Consciousness, the more deeply you understand the essence of what Love is). The trouble with that is that unless you are fully enlightened (1000 on Scale of Consciousness) you don't yet fully understand all the aspects of what Love is.

(The fullest understanding of Love includes such themes as understanding how to love someone unconditionally whilst still honouring yourself, understanding the truth of your own divinity, having perfect reverence and respect for yourself, understanding the importance of authenticity, and seeing everyone as souls on an incarnational journey towards Enlightenment and understanding the implications of that).

What's the big deal if you don't understand Love fully?

The parts of you that don't understand what love is fully are the parts that get you 'stuck' in life.

They tend to affect people in 5 key ways:

  • May lead to you creating unhealthy dynamics in your relationships. E.g. choosing people people who are emotionally unavailable and unwilling to grow (not possible have a healthy relationship with them)

  • May lead to you not setting healthy boundaries or not upholding your boundaries

  • May lead you to not feel confident and deserving of going after your potential and being your most authentic self (e.g. getting a job you truly love, not settling in relationships, feeling confident to speak how you really feel etc)

  • May lead you to treating another person's wellbeing as more important than your own. Everyone is sacred, and you are sacred too.

  • May lead to making out of alignment choices with physical health (e.g. abusing drugs/alcohol or going on restrictive diets or not noticing that you aren't eating enough - you need to eat enough to have optimal mitochondrial health)

As you go through life making choices you may not notice the decisions that are out of alignment with your highest potential. But your body knows.

Although your conscious mind may not fully understand Love, your subconscious does record how it truly feels about everything it experiences and whether it is a loving, positive energy or not, and how loving (e.g. a fully enlightened person's love at Level of Consciousness 1000 is more powerful than love at Level of Consciousness 500). Your body is able to do that because your soul's blueprint does understand Love perfectly.

The good news is that muscle testing can help you to discover any choices you have made that were made from a place of fear rather than love, and any limiting beliefs that you may be holding that block you from feeling connected to love, and perhaps have been affecting your emotional wellbeing.

A simple summary of how muscle testing works: When you make choices that are loving, this makes the body go strong - it literally strengthens your physical body every time you make a choice aligned with Love. Because of this, you can muscle test whether a decision is aligned for you (i.e. comes from the highest state of love or near the highest state of love that you are able to (align with) - if the choice is in alignment with you choosing Love then the muscle that is being tested will give a 'strong' result. On the other hand if a decision is made out of alignment, if fear negatively influenced your choice, then the muscle being tested will go weak.

If you would like support in making loving, aligned decisions in your life, I offer 1-1 mentorship sessions where I receive intuitive information and use muscle testing to help you connect to your highest potential - sessions can be booked via this website.


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