The healing power of living in wonder

Healing isn't just about shadow work - in fact focusing too often on our shadow can be counterproductive and keep us perceiving lack! One of the most transformative methods I use in my own life is the power of wonder. I seek out things that are incredibly beautiful to me- music, films, YouTube videos, art, clothing, books, quotes, letters and cards from friends etc... I include some of these in my experience every day. It reminds me how much magic life has for us to taste. An inspired mind = an inspired life.

I also intend to look at everything ordinary through the same eyes that I see those things that are effortlessly beautiful to me.

I try not to take for granted that anything 'is the way it is' - everything is fresh and new and mysterious and awe inspiring when you truly open your eyes. There is something fascinating available at all moments - even from a logical standpoint, being alive is a miracle. Being born as a human being an even more specific miracle. When people have near death experiences often they awaken a powerful gratitude for life. And we can cultivate that same open-eyed appreciation without that kind of experience.

Sometimes that's a real challenge when I don't feel so good!

Sometimes there are lapses where I do forget just how magical it all is.

It's not about being perfect, but catching ourselves when we forget and tuning into the world's beauty over and over again.

When you look at life playfully and humbled by awe, you invite others into that childlike joy and into their creative, limitless mind. You sink into being part of something greater than yourself. When you no longer feel small and separate, but part of a cosmic dance, it changes the way you show up e.g. fighting over a small difference in opinion seems rather silly!

Judging others holds no interest because you are too busy appreciating. You no longer need someone to fill up an inner emptiness because you have recognised life in all its fullness.

How can you open your eyes more to magic today?

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