The people you choose in your life are a reflection of your self worth

Who are you choosing to offer space in your life? Are those people able to love you, accept you, uplift you, empower you? Do they understand you (or try to, knowing we aren't able to relate from direct experience with everything, but we can listen). Are they willing to learn about your preferences and your trauma and discover what love looks like to you? Do they want to support you? Do they honour your limits and respect your boundaries?

Or are you accepting the scraps of love you think you can get, abandoning yourself because you are afraid that if you show up as your true self in vulnerability, nobody will show up?

Do you live In abundance or scarcity?

Abundance says:

I am worthy of asking for what I would like to receive. I am so loveable ♥️ If not this person, there are plenty of people in the world who would love to be close to me, to hear me, to give to me. I am fully deserving of asking for what I want. There is no need to coerce or beg or convince others to love me. I am also not attached to who shows up/how/when and I understand I am not entitled to a particular person showing up because I know that would take away their freedom. I trust that I am provided for.

Releasing unworthiness can also look like taking up space, letting down our walls, allowing ourselves to receive, being vulnerable, letting safe people be close to us, releasing self sabotage... Part of the journey may be walking towards the goodness available to us, as much as walking away.

When we realise our worth, we realise who is good for us, who supports our evolution.

We trust our intuition to guide us to know who can walk with us as this part in our journey and who we are being called to create space from.

If you are unsure what role someone 'should' play in your life, what you can do is be honest with them. Be vulnerable and give them your truth and see how you are received and let that be your reflection

Sometimes we can question if we are being 'mean' or 'disloyal' to walk away from those we have loved. Your first job is always to be loyal to You .

Be loyal to the most healed, most peaceful version of you and choose the conditions which would best support that. Sometimes that means being around people who bring up our triggers so we can bring our shadows into the light. And it often means stepping away from people who aren't able to empathise with us when we are triggered. An enlightened being could be around anyone else's energy and not be affected by it... and we get to not bypass the steps in between where having a nurturing community supports our growth and elevates us to be able to make quantum leaps in advancement. Needing to learn through 'doing it all alone/the hard way' only comes from pride and ego, and the fear of airing our vulnerabilities and being rejected. We are a tribal species + designed to thrive in community - if you have been avoiding calling in the support system you deserve you are actually depriving others as well as yourself because witnessing you expressing your truth has a soul lesson for the person listening as much as it does for you! Your healing also naturally heals others - you so deserve to heal with ease and support, being fully held by those around you.

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