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The Scale of Consciousness and the collective shift (Part 2 of 3)

It’s an exciting time to know about the scale of consciousness because humanity’s frequency is rising rapidly!

The Earth’s frequency (Schumann resonance) has also massively raised over the last few years. The planet itself and as a natural extension the living beings within it are undergoing a 'spiritual growth spurt'.

It can be incredibly uncomfortable to live through these times of ‘growing pains’ - having the scale of consciousness to support your journey and validate that you are ‘moving forward’ can be so healing when most of society is not yet at a level able to recognise the authentic organic template of spirituality and many spiritual and religious dogmas and ideas have been tampered with or distorted collectively.

Here are some stats I have muscle tested personally:

Before the declaration of COVID the average level of consciousness was: 207

By the end of 2020: 184

By the end of 2021: 194

Current average level of consciousness (May 21 2022): 224

What percentage of people had a consciousness rise from 2020-now? 99%

(At least 10 points): 72%

(11-99 points): 11%

(More than 100 points): 16%

(Consciousness did not rise more than 10 points, stayed the same or dropped) 1%

How many people % were (pre COVID) at:

0-99 42%

100-199 37%

200-299 11%

300-399 8%

400-499 0.1%

500-599 0.019%

600+ 1 in a billion (specifically about 10 people at any given time)

How many people % are now (May 21st 2022) at:

0-99 30%

100-199 33%

200-299 24%

300-399 18%

400-499 5%

500-599 4%

600+ About 9,000 people at any given time

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