The way you feel about your relationships is a mirror for your healing

Everything shifts from within. The way you relate to others presently contains a mirror reflection of the healed and unhealed elements of yourself. If you look around and feel dissatisfied with your family, friends or partner, you have just discovered a powerful portal to explore what's going on within you that creates these feelings.


Their behaviour may be causing themselves or others suffering - can you witness this with acceptance? Are you attached to changing them or still trying to earn approval because you believe you are only worthy of love if they are able to show you love?

As an adult, you may awaken to how much has been projected upon you based on your family's unconsciousness. Lovingly, you can remove the emotional entanglement. Release the role they wanted you to play. Accept them for who they are, whether that means appreciating the family you have or creating distance. So you no longer experience this situation as a 'problem'.


If you are choosing to spend time with someone, a part of you is in vibrational resonance with them. And if you feel negatively about them, the part of you that is resonating with them is an ego wound. So you work out what you are judging or fearing within yourself and then in the outside world either you realise that you've outgrown the relationship or you choose to be in vibrational resonance with the goodness in that person and you meet them there. So you no longer experience this situation as a 'problem'.


If you are dissatisfied with your partner, you find out the deeper desire behind that. It might be an ego wound that shows up in many relationships, such as a fear of being controlled. So you go to the heart of that fear, remember the child that was controlled and soothe that child so you can return to the relationship being present and not projecting the past onto this moment - there you meet each other in love. Or it might be a pure hearted, intuitive call that this relationship does not support your evolution and you have completed your soul lessons with them. So you don't judge them, but gently release them to their own journey, and trust that leaning deeply in your own journey will invite a more compatible connection (and experiencing joy in the meantime). So you no longer experience this situation as a 'problem'.

If you long for a partner but do not have one, your soul is longing for your own love. To remember your own completeness. To get clear on your values, your purpose, what brings you joy. When you have a deeply connected relationship to yourself, the desire for companionship may still be there but it is soft, calm, not urgent and not a cause of suffering. So you no longer experience this situation as a 'problem'.

Even when challenges occur, when you recognise on a higher level that there is 'no problem', when you release resistance to what has happened, you are free to radiate joy inside yourself even when your experiences don't seem ideal to the ego.

When you radiate joy, when you emanate peace, other people will meet you in that peace and you will attract harmony and like-minded souls just by Being - if when someone projects upon you will still come to realisation there is no problem - "okay, they are suffering and they need to create a mental image of me as the bad guy to help them cope with the pain. They are free to do that, because I know their mental image of me is not me"

Either way, you're okay.

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