Unconditional love = self love

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete" - Jack Kornfield

YOU set the example to change the paradigm.

Codependency is a well meaning self sacrifice that nevertheless perpetuates cycles of suffering.

If your approach to loving others doesn't nourish yourself also, it's unsustainable.

'Saving others from suffering' at your own expense doesn't work:

Others need to go through their own process to learn so they are able to be empowered truly, rather than dependent on rescue from others. Like raising a child, eventually they must find their own wings to fly. We can see the inner child within each person in the same way. You can hold space and love others as they walk through their journey (please do, this is so appreciated) but knowing your physical boundaries, not giving beyond your capacity of time, energy, resources and expertise is the cosmic balance that most supports the collective.

Abandoning your own feelings will eventually lead to undesired consequences such as burnout, resentment, having less energy to pursue your greatest excitements and thus highest timeline.

Your energy is most wisely spent supporting others who are committed to deepening their own love for self and others - here your intentions will be spread and amplified ✧

Over-giving creates a cosmic debt towards yourself - eventually other resources will end up being 'spent' to heal the imbalances created by excluding yourself from your own love.

Allow yourself to pause and also to graciously receive.

Walking our own journey of self love is the sustainable medicine which gives us the wisdom to guide others to discover happiness within more effectively than loving them on a pedestal. A true win-win, even if we trigger others in claiming our equality initially - those that are not ready to walk with us in this equality template will be let go of naturally as our self appreciation rises. In order to create a new template of compassion for the world, we get to BE the template, our self love teaching each being they are of the same infinite worth.

Thank you for supporting planetary ascension in this and all ways ✧

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