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Vibration of spiritual leaders collectively has been 140 on the Scale of Consciousness

This is the level of superficial desire.

Only 10% of religious leaders (e.g. priests, Imams etc), spiritual teachers and life coaches (referred collectively as 'spiritual leaders' from now on for brevity) have been embodied at 500+ (unconditional love) on the scale of consciousness.

One year ago (June 2021) this statistic was only 4%.

This is fairly even regardless of the religion or belief system.

Today (June 11th 2022):

🕊️More spiritual leaders are embodied at 500+ in Africa than any other continent (40%).

🌪️The least embodied continent has been North America. (less than 1%).

🌪️The average vibration of North American spiritual leaders is 60 on the scale of consciousness. This is the vibrational level of apathy. This apathy is connected to an unwillingness to be in true integrity with what it takes to be a leader and guide others - which is a role that requires surrendering your whole life to the divine.

🌪️70% percent of spiritual teachers that don't follow a religion are codependent on their community to form the majority of their opinions.

🌪️70% of religious leaders have used their doctrines to judge and shame others.

However their leadership is going to collapse as they will be awakened to the true impact of their actions. Many of their businesses will close. Religious leaders will resign. They will be replaced by those with genuine love in their hearts for the people.

By 2030:

🕊️ The average vibration of spiritual leaders will be 500. 10% of spiritual leaders will be at a vibration of 600+

🕊️ There will be less than 2% of spiritual leaders below the vibration of 200 (at 200+, energy becomes supportive to life, below this it is destructive on all levels). These communities with leaders below 200 will mostly attract those who also have a vibration below 200.

🕊️ When a person above 200 enters these communities, they will be disbanded quickly or transform into a higher energy level and shift towards becoming an environment for healing.

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