What is a divine union relationship?

Divine Union:

When two whole and complete individuals unite in unconditional love.

  • Not you complete me but you inspire me, you captivate me, you challenge me

  • Awakens your greatest potential through love

  • Deep soul recognition, a feeling of home

  • Both individuals have honed inner mastery, taking complete responsibility for their reality

  • The relationship is guided by love not fear and any desires for clinging, controlling, suppressing or avoiding are healed internally rather than projected at the other person

  • Accelerated spiritual growth due to experiencing one another

  • Relationship serves a greater purpose to extend love out into the world

Both parties have balanced the divine feminine and divine masculine energies within and embody both the yin and yang. They have released unhealed attributes of the masculine and feminine archetypes.

This relationship is available to you if you:

  • Courageously choose to embody your authentic self over others' agendas and societal influences

  • Heal past traumas and work through fears related to relationship such as fear of being controlled, low self-esteem, abandonment wounds, lack of trust etc

  • Fill up your own cup from within and don't expect your partner to be your savior

  • Can accept and love another human being in full awareness of their imperfection

  • Commit to living out your soul's purpose, following your dreams and extending love to others in whatever form that may be

You block yourself from receiving divine union if you...

  • Are busy chasing others’ approval concealing your true self, unable to speak and embody your truth

  • Are unwilling to look inwards and heal the patterns that hurt you or others

  • Depend on your partner to fix your pain or try to control their natural expression

  • Put others on a pedestal and create a fantasy to avoid facing genuine intimacy

  • See the purpose of relationships as merely companionship and pleasure

  • Are not choosing to be a vessel of love day to day

  • Are too afraid to dream big and live big

Divine union is available to everyone who feels a draw to this level of highly conscious cosmic relating because it is an inner state which then attracts a partner who is also in that inner state, as like attracts like.

The trap is that we can get attached to a particular person acting a certain way.

Soul connections of all kinds are best used as mirrors to show us where we have room to grow, rather than thinking having our union will complete us. Your divine partner will challenge and trigger you (whilst acting authentically and compassionately) - whilst they will bring much magic into your life, happiness is still an inside job!

A word on divine unions if you feel you may have already met a divine/ destined partner:

If you have been initiated by an intense soul connection that hasn't translated into currently being in relationship, but broke you open and awoke you spiritually to levels previously unimaginable, you might find that it has felt impossible to meet a new compatible partner since. Either nobody holds a strong enough magnetism or the universe seems to pull others away as if by divine intervention. The soul connection cleared your vision and set the standard high: you are no longer compatible with anything less than pure energetic union.

True energetic union with other requires true energetic union with self. Put your energy there and receiving divine union will be the natural result.

Attracting divine union requires that you surrender your scarcity mindset and live from abundance. This means surrendering beliefs about ourselves, our worth, and how union could happen. Even being open to who might be your person (the Universe will knock you over backwards with confirmation if you are supposed to know). Sometimes we can become attached to the idea of a particular person but this is coming from a lower vibration, and as we awaken more fully we realise that we were not compatible. Whether you have met your person or not, raising your vibration is always the answer!


  • I am love. Everyone else is love. I choose to commit to loving every living being as if they are my divine beloved.

  • Union is a state of mind that if I embody consistently will invite outer union.

  • If physical union is not with my current desired person or not now, then I will receive something even better. So I am not controlled by fear. I can relax into the energy of love!

Divine unions require deep soul work which never ends - there is no 'fairytale ending' once you become committed to your beloved - you will continue to show each other where there is more to heal, so the best thing you can do for yourself is commit to your inner work now so that your spiritual practices are a habit that will support your union in the 3D. Your YOUnion requires your commitment to soul evolution.

It takes energetic work to become a vibrational match to such a high frequency connection especially since Earth has had so many heavy energies to transmute - if you feel low or alone during the process, remember that most relationships on the planet haven't had the level of genuine soul connection you would need in order for it to feel good for you to commit to the connection at this level of your soul's evolution. You have ordered something very special that not everyone has made the investment to be ready for!

Think of it like the Universe making you a gift - it has to be made and packaged and shipped to you which means there is a time delay in the 3D but this doesn't mean the gift is not coming! Be as if you know the parcel is going to arrive - relaxed and trusting the Universe.

Your only job is to drop into love, act from the heart, affirm to the Universe that you would like to receive your ultimate beloved, feel good vibrationally and let the details take care of themselves.

You never need to feel bad about wanting a divine union because it's a sacred desire from God/ The Universe:

  • You deserve infinite love

  • Divine unions create an extremely high frequency which is healing for the world! The more divine unions exist on the planet, the more this fast tracks ascension.You will only be able to attract divine union when your heart truly desires more than a romantic relationship but also peace for the world.