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What is the Scale of Consciousness? (Part 1 of 3)

(This topic is in 3 parts - in this part I explain about the scale itself, in part 2 I share how collective consciousness has been evolving over the last few years and into the future and in the final part I share how I use the scale in my work with others and on myself).

The scale of consciousness is one of the tools I use in my toolkit to help me to discern truth vs. untruth and to review my spiritual alignment. The scale was created by Dr David Hawkins and is described in his book Power vs. Force and denotes levels of spiritual progression. It’s incredibly simple and has been so helpful for me in my own journey.

You can think of spiritual awakening as like an evolutionary process, or an unfolding of nature. The scale from 1 - 1000 (1000 being enlightenment) can give guidance, clarity and discernment on one’s spiritual path. Through a simple muscle test, you can receive a yes/no answer to determine if a statement is true or false, and therefore determine the level of consciousness (LOC).

The scale of consciousness offers a 'shortcut' so to speak, to understanding where you (or an organisation, a piece of text etc) is on the path of awakening.

E.g. you could muscle test a yes/no answer to ‘is this statement at a vibration of at least 100, at least 200…?’ etc.

The book is named Power vs. Force to represent higher and lower levels of consciousness and their effect on society. Power comes from a higher consciousness, whereas force comes from vibrations below 200 and is weaker in influence. In the collective human evolution, power will eventually ‘triumph’ over force (from force’s perspective, as in true power, there is no conflict, the true power in transforming a situation comes from higher states such as unconditional love and peace).

The levels of consciousness are numbers 1-1000 and are representative of the frequency in Hz. The scale is 1-1000 because this was found to be the range of frequency the human body can resonate at. (0 is non-life, if there is no vibration). Consistently vibrating at 1000 would be complete enlightenment - Jesus, Buddha etc. Very few beings have reached this category of enlightenment (LOC 700-1000) however with the awakening of the planet and peoples of Earth that has been exponentially accelerating over the last few years, we are set to experience an Earth with many more in this category. According to my muscle testing, within one hundred years, more than 10,000 human beings will be in this category of 'enlightened beings'.

There are various levels on the scale, representing different levels of awakening. Each 'level of consciousness' (LOC) is representative of the person or thing having a certain worldview. Someone who vibrates at 100 sees the world as very different to someone who vibrates at 400 for example. The scale is logarithmic, meaning a shift in a few points in consciousness can represent a powerful shift in someone's worldview and experience of life.

I find the scale of consciousness fascinating because it helps me to see into the essence of a thing - to cut through the words, the form, the impression it is trying to give, and ask - does this thing understand love? Is it honest about itself, or has it gotten lost? And if it is about my own actions or thoughts - am I choosing the highest path possible in this moment, or do I want to redirect my attention?

Here are some numbers to give a brief summary of the scale of consciousness and where Earth has been collectively, from Power vs. Force:

💜 The average level of consciousness in 1995 (when Power vs. Force was published) was was about 204

💜 Vibrations below 200 are weakening to the body's energy field and destructive to ourselves and others - above 200 is where we start to have a net positive effect on the world and ourselves

💜 Although most of humanity was around 200, one person at 500 will counterbalance 750,000 below 200 - a small group can have an enormous vibrational effect on the overall balance of society

💜 The average person's level of consciousness only changed over their lifetime by only a few points - but one can change ones frequency by hundreds of points (you could lower it by destructive choices or genuine devotion to a spiritual path could raise it hundreds)

💜 1 in 250 people reach LOC 500 in their lifetime.

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