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What is the Scale of Consciousness?

The Scale of Consciousness offers an incredibly valuable 'shortcut' so to speak, to understanding where you (or an organisation, a piece of text etc) is on the path of spiritual awakening. The Scale of Consciousness was created by Dr. David Hawkins and is described in his book Power vs. Force and subsequent books.

The Levels of Consciousness are represented by numbers 1-1000, a higher number representing a higher level of consciousness. Embodiment at 1000 is complete enlightenment - Jesus, Buddha etc. Very few human beings have reached the category of enlightenment so far in human history (levels 700-1000). However, we are set to experience an Earth with many more in this category within the next 50 years*. (*This statement has been determined by my own muscle testing research and is not covered in Dr. David Hawkins' work).

There are various levels on the Scale, representing different levels of spiritual awakening. Each 'Level of Consciousness' (LOC) is representative of the person (or organisation, text etc) having a certain worldview. Someone who is embodied at 100, which is a negative position (slightly positive energy only begins at 200), sees the world as very different to someone who embodies the Level of Consciousness 500 (Love), for example. The Scale is logarithmic, meaning a shift in a few points in consciousness can represent a powerful shift in someone's worldview and experience of life.

A person's true Level of Consciousness can be found (calibrated) only through muscle testing - but if you are not confident as a muscle tester yet you can read descriptions of each Level of Consciousness to get a feel for where you might be at.

The below chart summarises the Levels. For descriptions of the Levels of Consciousness see this post here.


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