When someone judges you, love yourself even more

In the moment someone judges you, they are spiritually blind.

Judgement is a result of being unable to look within due to the enormity of pain they are afraid of facing.

If they could see you accurately, they would only be able to treat you as someone who is infinitely worthy - as Ram Dass said "treat everyone like God in drag".

If they were seeing you, you would not feel shame in their presence (unless they were triggering the wound of you not feeling worthy of *that much love* - yes you are!)

Nobody can define your worth.

When there is hurt but there is some degree of consciousness, the person is able express their pain differently.

For example' "When you did ___, I found myself feeling upset - is now a good time to talk? I totally respect your free will and don't want to shame or control you, I just want to check in with you - hopefully we can come to an understanding so that I can move forward and I would be really relieved to know I've offered you a non judgemental ear where you feel safe to be honest with me".

It can really help us to know that when we don't feel respected etc, there is an illusion in there somewhere (either they are seeing us through a veil of illusion and/or our wounds are coming up when we didn't feel honoured in the past).

If we receive judgement and our own pain body is active, their judgement activates our ego.

Either we go into shame where we feel we are less than in some way e.g. "Maybe I deserved that? Am I an awful person?"

Or we go into anger, where our ego creates the illusion of superiority. E.g. "How dare they say that? I would never be so selfish!"

Either way, we are have been pulled into the cycle of judgement.

We get to end this cycle with non-reactivity.

No more sending judgement out OR sending it within where it hurts us and in the long run ends up depriving the world of our light!

Observe the emotions coming up within and be gentle to yourself.

Affirm to yourself:

I don't need you to see me, to validate my reality. You don't have the power to define my reality. I see me. I validate me. I fill myself with love from within.

Hold yourself as if you are your own guardian angel.

See yourself with love - and once you have tended to your own heart it will be natural to let go of any inner judgements about the person who judged you and then you have transmuted beautifully!

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