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Worldwide Ascension - assessing current progress

At this point approaching the last month and a half of 2023, there is a large divide between those who are consciously rising and those that have (for the meantime) spiritually fallen.

Progress of worldwide ascension is in some ways, incredibly behind schedule (and now people's free will is being taken away by higher beings so they have no choice but to release certain patterns). However in other ways the trajectory is set up, in the long term, to be way ahead of 'schedule'. A simple summary would be 'it's temporarily more dark than is ideal, but the inevitable trajectory of worldwide ascension in the next few decades is totally assured and accelerated in most ways'.

There are currently many, many people who are being prepared for full enlightenment within the next few years. Due to a few already enlightened beings expressing energies more powerful than it was ever known a soul in a human body could create, (and this making it possible for the human brain to process and heal from trauma faster) many beings who were on track to become enlightened within 20, 30,40, 50 years etc are now destined to become enlightened much earlier.

Within this last month there are many people who have just started expressing a fully enlightened energy body (emanating the energy field of a fully enlightened being - Level of Consciousness 1000, equally as powerful as enlightened beings throughout history). This is because, due to the situation in Gaza and the level of evil that has been present in the world that is deemed 'unacceptable' on a divine level, enlightened beings have been 'granted' powers they never had before to raise other people (who are already close enough to enlightenment) to full enlightenment. *(granted just means it is now for the highest good for them to use this power to take away people's free will and 'pull' them to enlightenment).

These people may not recognise they have reached enlightened consciousness straight away but will certainly feel something very strange and powerful at work within them and they are already permanently embodied in terms of their actions, in enlightened consciousness. Within a matter of weeks, months or possibly up to a couple of years these persons will realise they are enlightened and be truly, in all senses, enlightened beings. So within the next couple of years the world will transform incredibly due to the presence of these new enlightened beings. The exact number of enlightened beings that have been 'created' (through the existing enlightened beings on Earth using their energy fields to lift more people to enlightenment) is many, many thousands or more (I do not declare the exact number because it is climbing daily and also some of you would go into 'paradigm-shock' if you read the true current number because it is so many! This is a true miracle that was never foreseen as being possible for humanity until very recently).

The highest concentration of 'created enlightened beings' in terms of percentage of the population is in Gaza. This makes it a horrific karmic choice to turn your back on the people of Gaza since committing an injustice towards an enlightened person is worse karmically than committing the same injustice to an 'average level of consciousness' person. This is because of the sheer force of egoic willpower it takes to close your heart to an enlightened person. Inside Gaza are many of the world's future greatest spiritual leaders and geniuses.

Bringing these souls to enlightenment will:

  • Help them enormously with processing the horrific situation they are in and fortifying their spiritual strength

  • Help them make split-second life saving decisions though strengthened connection to their intuitions

  • Eventually give the gift to the world of spiritual teachers who can teach the purest form of Islam

  • Give them more protections and ensure a faster resolution for Gaza, Palestine and other conflicts in the Middle East

The state of the spiritual community is also worth noting: at least 40% of coaches, 'spiritual teachers' etc have spiritually fallen in a significant way and are causing far more spiritual harm than the average 'everyday-man/woman' - meaning that spending time with people who are doing 'normal' jobs and living 'normal lifestyles' may be more beneficial than interacting with many spiritual communities. Some spiritual leaders have been given tremendous amounts of divine help to assist them in letting go of their concerning egoic patterns and they have resisted this divine help with such egoic force that they will be unable to awaken to their own darkness and change for a long time (perhaps years)- this is because it would be physically too traumatic for a human brain to look at that level of darkness within yourself in a short time, and so any re-awakening that does occur for them will happen slowly. All sincere spiritual seekers will identify these people within the communities they are connected with, and if being discerning will unfollow/disengage/block these people. It is important for your wellbeing to know that some once well-meaning people in these spiritual spaces are now beyond help. You must let them go in order to be able to love and honour yourself. On the flip-side more sincere spiritual coaches/leaders are gaining more confidence and starting to believe more in their power to make an impact and worthiness of using their authentic voices.

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