You are love.

Psst... Hey.... Yes, you!

You are the divine in human form.

You were born perfect and innocent.

Everything that you have ever done has been you doing the best you could with the awareness you had at the time.

You have been conditioned to forget your divinity, to forget your worth.

You have been taught that you are supposed to 'do' something to be loveable and that if you fall outside of others' (parents', peers', a partner's or society's) standards, to be ashamed.

Even the stuff you did which you aren't proud of, the stuff you did that hurt other people... You did it because you didn't have the awareness, tools or self regulation at that time to find a better way to take your own pain away and to feel something good.

You just wanted to stop hurting.

We all want that.

We all want to feel good.

We all want to feel loved.

Some of us had more obstacles than others when it came to not sending our pain outwards towards another living being (or directing it as inner abuse towards ourselves).

✧ Different parents with different levels of emotional awareness to teach us

✧ Different cultural norms with different forms of ego/fear/distortion

✧ Different attitudes in society towards our appearance, medical conditions, race etc

✧ Different traumas and positive experiences

But we were all taught different versions of the same collective fear programming called ego.

We are all here to unlearn it.

When you forgive yourself, you free up your energy to love.

When I forgive you, I free up my energy to love.

We free up our energy to remember:

Who we truly are before all the programming was perfect all along.

I love you.

(We can see others as a soul and hold them accountable. In fact when you see yourself as a soul as well as others, it's natural to honour your boundaries and let others know when they are causing harm.)

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