You don't have to be perfect to let love in

You don't need to look like a magazine cover or have achieved your dreams or have a certain bank balance or be a sex god(dess) or have healed all your trauma or be a perfect communicator. You just have to be willing to work with your (equally flawed, sometimes vulnerable) person.

The reasons you think you might be unlovable are often surprising and seem kind of silly to your beloved!

Most people aren't looking for a superhero, but someone that has a compatible life vision and values who they enjoy spending time with.

In fact some people become so caught up in chasing 'perfection' that it takes away from the intimacy and magic of the relationship.

Sometimes we think that if we get all the external things 'right' we might feel less vulnerable and feel safer in the relationship.

Changes to your lifestyle that come from a heart centred place such as going for that dream job or letting go of unhealthy connections can powerfully transform our inner world... and we will still have to practice being willing to be vulnerable with another soul.

Also if we are carrying deep fears about closeness we may never feel completely ready or completely healed stepping into a new connection... the healing might come through the relationship.

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