You don't have to identify with one attachment style

Common ways our attachment might shift or vary:

  • We earn secure attachment through our healing journey / choosing a securely attached partner

  • A secure individual becomes an insecure style after a toxic relationship

  • We are an insecure style in our relationships but feel secure in our friendships

  • We are mostly secure but sometimes lean towards anxious or avoidant in certain relationships

  • We are mostly an insecure style but a few rare people have provided a safe space and you have a secure attachment style in their company

  • If you have a fearful avoidant attachment style you might feel like you are all the styles' because if someone is avoidant you become anxious, and if someone is anxious you become avoidant.

Often if you examine all the relationships in your life, including platonic, patterns emerge. But we don't have to limit ourselves by saying "I am this style. You are so much more than a box and you always will be.

Instead you might reframe: "I recognise certain traits of this style in myself in this template, so I choose to learn to release the patterns which are causing suffering for myself or those around me".

I have an attachment style quiz you can take here

If you would like some extra support with healing your attachment style, you can book a 1-1 session here

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