You don't owe anyone your energy - honour your boundaries

Having this job, sometimes I can feel the pressure to be 'perfect' - to always show up and know how to respond to others consciously.

To hold space for people even when they feel defensive and help them feel safe to get to the heart of their trigger and core needs.

And I'm also human.

I don't always have the capacity to hold a challenging conversation.

For example right now I've had a really challenging week health wise and I've let loved ones know that I need to be gentle with myself and focus on self care. It's not the time for deep shadow work, but softness with myself - allowing where I'm at to be enough.

With everything that's been going on in the world, triggers can be intense.

Opinions can be polarised.

Blinded by fear, people may project on us, feel the need to pressure or shame us into making different choices, invade our boundaries, or play out other shadow patterns we don't usually receive.

Everyone has experienced trauma this year and we all deserve to be treated with kindness. Even if you are engaging with someone who has opposite beliefs and you think that their belief is causing harm, love is still the way.

It's totally okay to step away from conversations that don't serve us, where we aren't feeling respected or simply don't have the reserves to take on in this moment.

It's okay to let someone disagree with you or be angry with you or judge you or whatever they need to do in response to you choosing to honouring your truth and loving yourself.

One of the things this last year has taught me is to be okay with losing whoever I need to as a natural result of being in my integrity.

When people are acting in fear they will try to pull you into codependency - to guilt you into being the way that makes their ego comfortable.

Awakening means that whilst we can plant seeds and invite others to see differently, we respect their free will.

Remain sovereign and peaceful, knowing the collective shadow of humanity is not for you to take personally or your job to correct or rescue others from.

Set yourself free from having to be perfect at this highly charged time angel. You are enough as you are.

I love you.

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