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Olivia, quantum session

'Words can't really explain how personal, intuitive, and validating my experience was. We did an energy clearing to start which was really calming. As she was doing the energy work, I really felt energy waking up from my head to my toes! Funnily enough, afterward she asked me what I experienced during the clearing, and she replied that she was moving my energy from top to bottom, which I literally could feel! I felt all bubbly and warm. It was REALLY POWERFUL. The quantum session went so deep, I feel like I owe her 100,000 good things haha.


During the session we were going over a topic that was causing me some confusion and discomfort. I felt really safe opening up to her and listening to her intuitive guidance. It felt SOO helpful, because whatever she was saying felt like it came from a place deep within me already. The reflection was surreal. I didn't even have to tell her much, but with her clear sight and observation, it really felt like each second was healing for me. After the first topic, we went into other areas of my life such as health and she gave me guidance on what I would benefit from adjusting after the session. It was so refreshing to be seen from so many angles. 


I feel like we covered absolutely everything that was necessary, going in depth to each corner of my life and uncovering it and cleaning it up vibrationally, which has brought a strong feeling of newness, security, clarity and LIGHT. 


I highly recommend Bobby Jo to support you, in literally ANY area of your life. We went into diet, family, friendships, housing situations, future timelines, passions, joys, areas of discomfort and expansion etc. 

Just by being with her (even over a video call) you can feel her healing energy. I am sooo happy that I had this session! I feel clear minded and highly confident in myself, more sensitive to my experiences, and confident in what has been happening in my world. I'm glad that someone so clear sighted, and spiritually aware can share with me her intuitive feedback. It feels like an honour. I highly recommend Bobby Jo for a quantum healing session - she covers all mediums, and different ways of bringing light to your life. Eternally grateful for this soul and her huge fricken powers!! 

I feel like a new leaf has turned, a fresh sense of life. 

If you resonate with this message, man pleasee, just experience it!!!'

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