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What's a 1-1 session like?

I have this phrase I like to use - 'being wrapped in a burrito of love' - like that basically! Healing gets to be light and fun and feel cosy and safe! Very often people come to me when they've studied attachment styles and conscious relationship material but they are still getting *stuck* and they want to go deeper... To release their limiting patterns for good! And what that really comes down to is healing the relationship you have with yourself. 

Validating all of your experiences and knowing that you were worthy of love all along. You are also made up of energy so I work with that by reconnecting to your body so you can release stored emotions and fill yourself up with lightness and unconditional love to new reality from a place of inner freedom! I help you feel so free to be who you truly are and claim what you really want. You deserve it.

In my 3 step plan to quantum healing we...

Love Yourself

I want to quantum heal my relationships, yes please!