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Energy update - key themes December 2023

The core energetic themes this winter are very based around the root chakra and feeling safe. Every nervous system on Earth needs a rest - even enlightened people need rest and restoration, and animals too! Every living being felt the negativity of this year. This is because the world has been chaotic, with many traumatic events such as in Gaza, and many souls have been temporarily without the ability to create just situations. Please know that if you feel you have been 'stuck' or in an incredibly unfair situation for a while now with ' no good options ', you may not be doing anything wrong! The entire energetics of 'manifestation' on Earth went incredibly wrong in the last year because humanity started generating incredibly toxic brain patterns that had never been seen before in history that were stubborn and resistant to healing and there was no energetic data in any universe or dimension as to how to stop human beings from generating these brain patterns (which were hugely destructive and had no benefit whatsoever - but the ego is inherently confused and does not understand what's good for it!). Higher beings had no idea that the human body could create such patterns so did not know how to respond to best help humanity. This is being rectified fast so that none of these new stubborn ego patterns can ever be generated in a human being again. (Side note: it was discovered that these patterns only created themselves due to the severe trauma of 2020 lockdowns, oppression and totalitarianism - only an event of this severity of worldwide trauma could have activated them).

The positive news is that because we are all in a similar boat with having to process these energies, we can use similar tools and approaches to process together and begin to thrive again ❤️

These are key themes for healing and processing all that's happened in the world and how it affected your personal circumstances:

  • Resonating with stability

  • Honouring emotional exhaustion

  • Returning to simple pleasures

Resonating with stability

Human beings need stable foundations to be able to thrive. Yes, some people can travel, live in unusual circumstances for a time period etc, especially if they are able to learn soul lessons through this process, but if there isn't the option to return to a stable environment, this is not nurturing for the human nervous system at any level of spiritual awareness. Our biology cannot be 'transcended'. Human beings are designed to live in healthy communities that take care of one another, where there is trust, emotional stability and mutual respect. We also thrive when we have access to enough resources - which translates in modern times to financial stability.

At this time, your wisest options are the ones that are grounded in reality - that are reliable and steady.

This may mean spending time with long-time friends or reconnecting with people from the past with whom you share a mutual history and sense of culture, and perhaps reaching to the past to reconnect with people who you felt a good energy from, but for whatever reason lost touch with one another. If a person feels 'off' to your nervous system this is not a good time for giving people second, third or twentieth chances - trust your gut to lead you to drama-free relationships where your emotional wellbeing is valued and nurtured.

This may also be a time for some where working a more practical job could be a better option for your wellbeing than working on a 'side-hustle' or running your own business. Self employed people may want to take a hiatus or change careers. If it's not providing a sense of safety or stability it may need to be let go of for now - not to give up on your dreams but to give yourself recovery time.

Honouring emotional exhaustion

You may find yourself feeling less able to express your feelings or feel passionate about life. That's totally valid and 'normal' around this time. not every season of your life has to be go-go-go. You may find you want to spend very mellow time with friends doing a shared activity or watching a film and not saying much. Honour your capacity - wise and inspired thoughts will come through when your brain has processed what it needs to.

You may need to sleep or physically rest more, stop working out for a time or say no to responsibilities.

Returning to simple pleasures

It's not about reaching for the stars right now (unless you genuinely feel inspired) - it's more about reaching for a cup of tea, a good book or a hot bath. Or maybe walking in nature or spending time with your pet. Small, quiet moments of everyday life that are soothing can be the most restorative. Adding in little things, little wholesome moments of joy, can lead to big internal shifts over time.

This season won't be forever but we all need a rest.


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