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The chakras of Earth have moved: update

To see the original article which explains the movement of the Earth's chakras to different locations and the reasons why the Earth's chakras move, click here.

Stable locations (the chakra has stayed in roughly the same area):

💚 The heart chakra remains near Glastonbury

💜 The crown chakra remains in Tibet (moved location slightly)

🧡 The sacral chakra remains at Lake Titicaca in Peru

Shifted Locations:

💛 The solar plexus chakra has moved from Australia to an undisclosed location*

💙 The throat chakra has moved to Moscow. (This is a wonderful sign for the healing of the Russian people and supports the eventual transition of Russia towards true democracy)

❤️ The root chakra (base chakra) has moved from California to another undisclosed location*

💜 The third eye chakra has moved to near Mount Sinai and the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem - this marks a monumental inevitable shift in the consciousness of humanity. This is a profound marker of ascension and the first time in around 1600 years that the third eye chakra will have had a fixed location for more than 100 years at a time (it is now an inevitability than the Third Eye chakra will remain near Jerusalem for the duration of humanity's time on Earth. This is a divine restoration to its rightful place on Earth, similar to the ideal positioning of an organ in the body. Earth's spiritual growth functions best when the third eye chakra is in this location and from this point forward there will always be multiple fully enlightened beings at Level of Consciousness 1000 who act as 'guardians' of this chakra's position just as Jesus did) . This movement of location to its divinely intended location assists humanity in awakening the abilities and discernment of the third eye.

*undisclosed locations are kept hidden to prevent targeted interference with these sacred sites

Old map of approximate chakra locations pre-2020


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