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What is the state of Flow?

Flow is a state of consciousness where you are totally immersed in your activities, receiving instructions from a higher intelligence that comes from within. Logical reasoning is surrendered and you let your actions be guided by a higher power, which could be described as your intuition, God, the divine, or the forces of the Universe. (All are words for the same truth).

Flow is an uninterupted connection with your nature as a soul.

When you move in a state of flow, big picture answers are 'delivered to you' rather than analysed in a left brain, systemising way. Linear logic calibrates on the Scale of Consciousness as at best, in the 400s. Non-linear intuitive downloaded instruction can calibrate as high as 1000 on the Scale (complete enlightenment) and in fact, even up to infinity. True flow represents a response to your third eye reading vast amounts of energetic data like a super-computer and thus has a vastly more intelligent output than linear reasoning.

Flow is a state of heightened creativity - the space from which all conscious art, music, dance, writing and other artforms have arisen.

Flow is being open to the truth, to love. tapping into these energy fields and allowing the non-form of these eternal divine attributes to be translated into form, guiding you to the choices that will connect you to express and experience higher consciousness.

Flowing is receiving instructions from the divine in the present moment.

Flow could be, for example:

  • Walking down a particular street that you wouldn't usually because you feel an intuitive pull

  • Writing a message or a song without thinking about it - letting words pour onto the page

  • Trusting an inner nudge to call someone

  • Buying your food shopping according to your intuition

  • Doing something that is outside of your normal habits because it feels expasnive

Flow may mean, in the physical world, moving quickly to respond to an opportunity or circumstance, and flow can also be resting, integrating between opportunities.

Flow can sometimes be moments of divine inspiration and other times flow is stepping back, knowing there is nothing to 'do' about a situation in the present moment. You can flow towards aligned opportunities and flow away from misaligned ones.

To flow is to co-create with life.

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