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What does it look like when two people always act with enlightened consciousness towards each other?

This applies for any type of relationship (romantic, friends, family etc). The purpose of this post is to connect you to your inner knowing of the full human potential of two beings that are totally embodied in fully enlightened consciousness towards each other. This can act as a 'signpost' to move in this direction - not to expect yourself to be perfect, but to remember within yourself what the true clarity of unconditional love feels like. I hope that this post may positively influence either the way that you approach your relationships and/or the kind of person that you choose to connect with.

Please note that this dynamic is between two persons embodying perfect love towards each other, and some of these ways of being will never work effectively or be the highest good to use if you are in a relationship with someone who is acting with ego towards you. If you are reading this with your partner you may find that some or all of parts of the description are things you are already doing - and that other parts could be an area for you to both work on together.

The dynamic:

The two persons totally accept each other's authentic selves - both the similarities and the differences. They realise and appreciate that their differences are part of what makes the relationship interesting. There is no desire to 'change' who the other person is, only to encourage them towards the expression of their highest potential.

The persons can mutually recognise the everlasting foundation of their relationship - that there is permanent trust, respect and compassion, and that this energetic field is solid and immovable because both parties have cleared all illusions within themselves that would get in the way of devotion to embodying unconditional love towards each other. Their integrity in the way they treat each other is totally unswayable.

Because both persons who are capable of always embodying enlightened consciousness towards each other have awakened their third eyes sufficiently, they will see things in an extremely similar or the same way. They can have different personal tastes but because they accurately distinguish the energy field of truth vs lie, consciousness vs. unconsciousness, they will have the same perceptions of significant situations. For example they will both hold the same (accurate) perspective on who can be trusted, whether a certain opportunity is a good idea, be drawn to putting an offer on the same house/s whilst house hunting together… Yes, you really can be that in sync with someone! Enlightened consciousness can sense when something is truly for the highest good and when two people are tuned into this sense together there is no conflict. We have been told that conflict is normal in relationships and it is normal in a relationship without enlightened consciousness present - and there is a level beyond this where two intuitive persons are so honest with themselves that they have no motivation to do anything that isn't the highest outcome, so they see the true energetic field of opportunity in the same way because they both see truth. There will be discussions, naturally: Sometimes one person might come up with one creative solution and then the other person comes up with another creative solution - different ideas can arise but two persons embodied in fully enlightened consciousness would then come to the same conclusion as to which idea is best - or maybe that both ideas are equally good and they can toss a coin!

Oftentimes fewer words are needed to communicate the true essence of what is being said, as the other person is listening deeply with their whole being. Deeper meanings that could take paragraphs of explanation in a ‘normal’ relationship may be summarised and understood in a single sentence or even, on occasion, in a single word. Longer conversations will of course happen - and there is an inner sense that this person really 'gets it'. Because they listen to understand and have no other motive but to love, this occurs naturally.

There is total mutual comfort in letting the other person pursue parts of their natural essence that are not a vibrational match to you personally (e.g being supportive of the other person pursuing a hobby you aren't drawn to).

Many of the person’s needs/wants are intuited naturally and this may even be experienced as telepathy. There is also communication around sacred wants that are important to the person within their relationship and are not yet being responded to. There is a recognition that even a person who has awakened their intuitive gifts and may be able to 'read minds' will not always have the capacity to pick up every detail of what the other person would like to receive from them. There is an extremely high level of attunement to each other, and communication also is used to deepen your understanding of each others' ideal forms of support.

The length of silences between communication (calling, texting or seeing each other in person etc) are variable depending on the type of relationship between the two persons but there is an inner sense of an open flowing loving energetic field between them - that one would feel welcomed to contact the other if there is an inner pull at any given moment. All silences between the two people are intuitively and accurately received as for the highest good until the moment of vibrational resonance arises.

There is no sense of worry, jealousy, or fear of the other person leaving. There is an inner knowing that when you act from the highest good (which two persons embodying enlightened consciousness are doing), there is no sense of regret. After making choices from the highest good there is clarity, flow and inner peace. So both persons are rested in the knowing that whatever happens they are creating the highest outcome possible, and that if the relationship no longer makes sense to stay in the same form at any point in the future, that would be for the highest good too because love will be the force guiding their decisions. It's 'either we will stay together/ remain close friends/ (insert current role here) and that will be for the highest good, or if our relationship changes that will be for the highest good too. When two beings always act with enlightened consciousness towards each other there is never a need to cut contact with each other in the long run (naturally there could be periods where contact is not practical such as if one person travels without phone reception or joins a monastery). It is only ever ego that destroys relationships (sometimes it can be one person's ego only that damages the relationship and sometimes both egos). In an enlightened dynamic sometimes two people may go a longer period of time without speaking due to practical reasons or other situations being temporarily their highest calling, but the door of love remains open between them. Even the two most different people in the whole world, if they both acted with enlightened consciousness towards each other always, they could remain dear friends for life. Because the soul is love.


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